Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dancing with the Stars: A Bust?

Is it just me, or is Dancing with the Stars pretty much a bust this year? The build-up to this season had me excited enough to post about it, and I couldn't wait to see Julianne Hough and her honey competing with Jewel and her hubby, to say nothing of likable Nancy O'Dell, cute little Shawn Johnson, and crazy as a loon Steve-O. But guess what? Much to my surprise and in a way dismay (because I like to really like the few shows I enjoy enough to watch), I just don't care this time around. Last night I ended up glancing at the lackluster show only occasionally, from the vantage point of my kitchen table. (It was playing in the family room.) In other words, I was watching it through a door...at a bad angle...and splitting the time between that and my computer. Not an impressive statement of interest.

It's probably not even worth analyzing, but since it is my official policy in life to analyze everything, here goes. While I was disappointed when (especially) Jewel and (to a lesser degree) Nancy were injured, my main source of dissatisfaction seems to be the lack of chemistry between Julianne and Chuck. Or maybe it's my own lack of chemistry with Chuck that is the problem. Regardless of the etymology, these two are not meeting my romantic expectations as a couple. I had planned to watch delightedly, charmed and perhaps even a little dreamy-eyed over the fairy tale romance of my favorite dancer on the show. No such luck, folks. Truth is, this Chuck guy doesn't do it for me. At all. Not even a little. And it's not just his looks either, though that's part of it. But mostly it's his aura. (Is that Hollywood enough for you?) Seriously, though, he's kinda icky...Am I right? Slightly surly. And a little bit smarmy, too. To say nothing of squishy, which is the word I use for someone who doesn't feel quite solid. I get the feeling he has more insecurities than Adam Lambert of AI has fans...and that's quite a few! (Myself included.) (Sorry, but I had to get somebody I liked into this post, one way or another.) The sad thing is, that somebody I liked used to be Julianne, but at this point I've lost a bit of respect for her. And she's lost a bit of that fresh-faced glow she used to have. Maybe it's just maturity setting in, but I can't help thinking it has something to do with this Chuck dude.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still a fan of Julianne's. I've just gone from adoring to uneasy. I've also managed (as often happens when I start writing) to figure out what it is I don't like about the show this year. It's Chuck. And Julianne being with him. Apparently the judges feel the same way, because they are judging him way more harshly than anyone else. Not that I care. Unfortunately.

Because, as I said, I really do like to like the shows I usually like. 


PS. Is caring this much about not caring the same as caring? Not that I care, of course.


K2cole said...

I feel the same this season! Although I was poised to not like lil' Kim and she is awesome! I am a little taken back at her careless mention of prison but... Plus Shawn Johnson is so cute and young, but mostly I watch the recap at the end of the show and then forget when it is on again.

Maybe next season.

Momza said...

I so know how you feel. Chuck doesn't do it for me at all. And Julianne seems to have morphed into something I no longer feel interested in...maybe I am just jealous cuz I wanna be a size -3 and tan as a Scottish kew.

KC Mom said...

I felt the same way last night when I watched it.
I think Julianne is the most beautiful creature on the planet and seriously...beautiful.
That said. I thought her dance last night was pornographic. Honestly, I feel like they have to keep the sex content notched up to get noticed and get the votes.

Natalie said...

Ok, I feel terrible admitting this, but I've never really watched the show. So, I don't feel entitled to an opinion. But, your post did make me laugh out loud, which as you know is much appreciated!

I've missed you! A lot!!

And, I too love Adam Lambert. But have to admit it wasn't love at first sight, or note. But, each week I fall for him more and more. He is an unbelievably gifted artist.

karen said...

Huh - I kind of like this season. It surprised me a little bit that I've come to like L'il Kim. She's definately grown on me. And I can't get enough of that Gille person! He is HOT!! But I do agree that Julianne and Chuck have no chemistry. But she's such a good dancer, and so pretty that I just don't look at Chuck. I'm just glad they finally got rid of that Apple Computer guy. He was painful to watch.

Lorie said...

I have never watched it, so I wouldn't know. But I hate it when you are looking forward to a show and it stinks. Or when you love one and they cancel it! ;{

Fiauna said...

I used to like Dancing With the Stars, and I still watch it (my DVR is programmed to record). But I must say that the costumes and some of the dances leave me feeling ... how shall I say it ... dirty, violated, shamed.

I too dislike Chuck. I just feel like something isn't *right* with him. There's no spark in his eye. And I would expect a spark when his girlfriend and dance partner is someone as lovely as Julianne. I don't know ...

SnarkyMama said...

Sorry, for the "late" post...I have been in "blogger detention" trying to catch up on my "make-up" reading assignments. Having said that, can I add my two-cents to this post?

Oh girlfriend, did you hit this nail on the head or what?!?!?

I think your description of Julianne is the very issue I have this dance around! She was such a breath of fresh air..."fresh faced"..something about her said, "even today, a girl can be beautiful, well more like drop dead gorgeous, and still appear somewhat innocent."

Now, don't misunderstand...I don't place the burden of being America's Sweetheart, pure and wholesome, on any star...I don't know them and she may be just that. But, especially this past week, when I felt that I happened to fall into what seemed to be Julianne's and Chuck's bedroom...she became just one more beautiful girl, sculpted and tanned, who forgot more than 1/2 her clothes and her "pole." THAT was ALL that was missing...I'm just saying....

Even having said that...I would still love to have that body...I just hope I could remember that even a gorgeous package means a whole lot more with something inside!

As far as Adam Lambert...I told Natalie not to tell her dad, but I am afraid this grandmother has fallen off the ledge...I think I am in love! :) How embarrassing is it that I sit in the recliner, turn off the lights, hit re-play over and over while waving my arms in the air and singing along to Mad World....the only thing worse is that Snarky Papa is sitting right beside me holding out his arm like he has a lighter! ( we really are 60's and 70's rejects!). Sick...really really sick! But we love him!

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