Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dancing with the Stars: So Long, Chuck!

If you had told me last (or any other) year that I would actually be glad to see Julianne and a partner of hers voted off DWTS, I wouldn't have believed you. She has been such a favorite of mine that, notwithstanding my complete distaste for Chuck the not-so-charming, I was shocked to find myself rooting for Tony and Melissa (she of the broken ribs) during the elimination last night. And yet I was rooting for them. Enthusiastically.

I do want to say that I have tried hard to like the country crooner this season. Why? Because I wanted to feel that Julianne had found herself one of the "good guys," a man this formerly unabashed fan could deem worthy of her. Instead, what I saw was a seemingly petulant, frequently pouting, and inexplicably peevish person whose insecurities were only thinly masked by his look-at-me-I-deserve-to-win attitude. Talk about entitlement. Sheesh.

I went into last night feeling slightly better about him after their performance the week before, where his pleasure at having been recognized for dancing well allowed us to see him at his best. But this week his true colors shone through once again. My first recoil came after his "cute" remark about his improved dancing being attributable to Julianne's wearing fewer clothes. Somehow that did not amuse me. Joke or not, it turned me off big-time. Yeccch.

Just as unattractive were his churlish words after being voted off, when he attributed his loss to being "taken down" by the team dance a week earlier (translation: anyone but me must be to blame). The announcer cut him off rather quickly, but it wasn't pretty. And when Mr. Wonderful glibly announced that he would be going back out on tour to do the glorious thing that he really music...all I could say to myself was: So long, Chuck! And don't let the big barn door hit your flimsy facade on the way out.


Natalie said...

You are funny!!
"So long, Chuck! And don't let the big barn door hit your flimsy facade on the way out."

I find your recap and comments regarding the show to be FAR more enjoyable than the actual thing! :)

jen said...

Like Chuck Wick is that big of a star? Like Tim McGraw? Ok, one or two songs, but still. I'm afraid that if we could see into the souls of many entertainers, they would look more like this.

And thanks for your comments and your prayers. I can feel them. And it really helps!

Natalie said...

Ok, your comment on my latest post made me laugh so hard...I can't believe I'm going to admit this....I think I peed just a bit!
(How unladylike that I would even use the word pee.)

Fiauna said...

One thing I learned this season is that Julianne is young. Oh so young and unable to see that she's picked the wrong guy. I hope she dumps him soon. I'm glad the show did.

karen said...

I'm sorry I missed it last night. Or maybe I'm glad I did. I'm with you though - I don't like Chuck. Love Julianne/Dislike Chuck. I think I landed on The Mentalist on CBS and forgot about DWTS. How unlike me. But now we're getting down to it, huh? Who will hurt themselves next (or get the Swine Flu?) ;-)

K2cole said...

I totally agree with you about Chuck (who names their kid Chuck). Hopefully Julianne will wise up!! I can't decide between Melissa or Lil Kim - Lil Kim just fasinates me!

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