Friday, July 30, 2010

Artsy Is As Artsy Does

Today I'm being featured by Caroline over at Salsa Pie, one of my very favorite blogs in blogdom! Since Caroline is as crafty and clever as they come, the fact that I am being mentioned there at all may surprise those of you who are aware of my status as perhaps the least artsy person on the face of the earth. However, you will (I hope) be pleased and proud to know that I actually did manage to create something that has nothing (well, almost nothing...or at least, not as much as usual) to do with words. And guess what? It turned out well!!!

I hope you'll take a minute to hop on over and check it (and Caroline's really cool blog) out...


PS. We leave the beach tomorrow. Kinda sad, but we'll be taking our memories of the sun, sand, and sea back home with us.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

We're Having a (Red) Ball at the Beach!

No summer vacation would be complete without the infamous red cups,
marked in black with everyone's names to avoid waste.

Or the red pens to mark our beach books, wherein we write notes to each other
every year expressing love and recording fun or funny vacation happenings.

And, of course, the red vines.

(cough) (cough) As for the red firecracker, I'm looking into that right now...


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Sea Saga Continues...

Another day at the beach with the fam...

Lots of fun to be had.

Dinner at Joe's Crab Shack...

Lots of food to be eaten.

Todd's last day...Lots of wanting to stay.

Dancing waitresses do their thing.

Grandpa and Bryce play their game.

(the original odd couple)

I have no explanation for this.

Heather and Matt throw down crab.

Ryan and J-man observe.

Todd throws down lobster.

Mm-mm good, good, good.

Matt loves his crawfish spicy hot...
(Bobby's crawfish, actually.)

Louisiana style.

And Carli, birthday fairy, says farewell.

A good time had by all.

PS. Todd got home at 5 AM Wednesday morning, having been unable to tear himself away until almost 10 PM last night. (We miss him already.)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Beach Notes: It's Been a Good Day

Last night we went to Ruby's at the end of pier.

It was cold and breezy, so Grandpa got us some clam chowder.

We looked out at the beautiful view while we waited.

Bryce and his daddy had a few laughs.

While Heather took photos, as usual.

Lots and lots of beautiful photos.

These are my photos, but my subjects make them beautiful, too.

Don't you think Grandpa and Bryce are kinda beautiful?

I know Jeremiah and Bryce are...

And Ryan and Bryce... (That Bryce kid gets around, doesn't he?)

Heather discusses the finer points of photography with Matt.

Carli just grins and waits for a cheeseburger and shake.

While my daughter looks off into the horizon, enjoying the sea.

Grandpa and Matt are getting cold and hungry.

But the kids manage to keep themselves entertained.

After all, they are pretty entertaining...

The fun kicks up a level when we finally get inside.

Food, warmth, AND a car...Perfect!

We are content.

It's been a good day.


Monday, July 26, 2010

Early Morning Beach House Bliss

I love the morning, when the beach and boardwalk are empty, even though it's fun to watch everyone roll, stroll, and jog by during the day. The nights are fun, too, when the teenagers are out in full force, looking for fun.

Here's the chair where I look out on the world every day.

And the world looks back in on me.

This is where my family sits, chats, laughs, and plays cards.

Well, actually, out there is where they mostly do that.

Can you see the ocean? It's a looong beach, but it's there.
(I took this one from my front porch so you'd see my view.)

And a little more of my view.

To the left...

To the right...

To the parking lot nearby. Wanna come visit?

PS. Actually, I should probably warn you off...Two kids and one parent are sick and coughing. Figures, eh? That's okay. We're making the best of it... =)