Tuesday, November 30, 2010

700th Post Giveaway Extravaganza

My 700th post blogiversary giveaway makes me happy!
(And my granddaughter, too...)

(Just wanted to reassure you that her eyes
did NOT get stuck in that position...)

Yessiree, folks. It's time for one and all to come to the party and celebrate the occasion of my 700th blog post! To commemorate what is (to me, anyway) an amazing accomplishment, I am going to be offering up three pretty cool prizes...

The first place winner will get to choose among these three items:

The "I blog" necklace, the pure pewter (larger) tree of life earrings,
and the (smaller) copper tree of life earrings.

Brand new and truly lovely.

(Second place winner will get second choice, and third prize will take what's left!)

If you'd like to throw your hat in the ring, all you need to do is be (or become)
a follower and make a comment telling me something you enjoy about
Sue's News, Views 'n Muse. Easy, right?

Thanks for celebrating with me! My 700 blog posts make me happy.
And so do all of you wonderful readers who are kind enough to read them!

The contest will close on Saturday night at 11:59 AM.
Winners to be announced on Sunday.
Good luck to one and all.


Monday, November 29, 2010

We Gathered Together...

We gathered together to ask the Lord's blessing.
(He gave it.)

Group A - all present and accounted for.

Group B - ready to rumble (their stomachs are, anyway...).

After-dinner melange of tables A and B.

Table chatter about lenses and such for the photog bunch,

whilst Carli and Daddy look on...

and a couple of good guys give me a head start on the dishes!

Isn't my nephew cute? Too bad he gets sick for the duration. =(

Grandma looks happy to be done making her rolls and gravy.

And we are ALL happy for some family time and See's candy.

(I belong in the striped chair that is front and center.)
I like being front and center.

Closing Thanksgiving day out with a movie in the family room.

As you can see, it's been a wonderful ride, though I have to admit that Thanksgiving day was a bit of a roller coaster here and there. My infamous oven malfunctioned (not for the first time) and gave us fits...but somehow, the food emerged relatively intact, and we had a great meal. The companionship around two people-packed tables was perfect, and our little family program afterward (based upon this post from Momza) was warm and inspirational. When all the sharing was said and done, I gave each person a square of saddle leather that had the following inscribed on the front and back respectively: "apple pie or leather" and "press on, hope ever." Interestingly, my youngest son, Todd, ate his.

That same Todd also broke his arm (radial head fracture) playing basketball Saturday morning. SUCH A DRAG. Apparently, all they do with that kind of break is put it in a sling, so it's quite a bothersome injury to have...Especially when you have to take the plane home and will be traveling again December 7th and 19th for medical school interviews. I really feel bad for him and would ask those of you who go in for such things to keep him in your prayers.

The last of the company (Matt, Heather, and grandkids) will fly home today, but they and Todd will be back for Christmas in just three weeks or so, which eases the sting. So does listening to Christmas carols, which is one of my favorite things to do. In that spirit, I hope you take a minute or two to check out the video below. It makes me want to shout Hallelujah! =)

(You'll want to go to the right sidebar and scroll up a bit to turn off my playlist so you can experience this in all its glory...)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

For What We Are About to Receive...

Thanksgiving is a holiday

that sets itself apart...

for all it needs is family, turkey

and a grateful heart.

See more Thanksgiving thoughts and wishes at Jenny Matlock's Thanksgiving Break.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Is the New Halloween


I know...I know...Halloween is over.

But I just got these from my daughter-in-law, Heather.

And NOBODY escapes looking at my grandchildren.

Brycie wouldn't like that... (Watch out! He has a weapon!)

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Apple of My Eye...

I'm at a dead run today (the first guests arrive at 1:00 pm), so this will be a drive-by post wherein you get a little taste of my grandson Bryce in all his spicy flavors. As my mother-in-law used to say of similar personalities, "He's a pistol!" (And he thinks everything else is, too.) Observe:



Point taken.


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Not Every Turkey Gobbles

It's Saturday Centus time again, and this week Jenny Matlock has thrown us a Thanksgiving twist. As you can see, the prompt is a play on words, so I thought I would play with a few words myself and create a poem for this week's little nugget. I admit that I went over the 100-word limit by 24 words, but I had so much fun that I hope Ms. Matlock and the rest of the Centusians will forgive me. There was just nothing left to cut on this one...or maybe I should say, "nothing left to CARVE." heehee


"Pardon me," said Tom T. Urkee,
"but I’d like to say a word.
Let me make this clear, not murky.
I’m a man and not a bird.
Why must people be so jerky
when Thanksgiving rolls around?
They just look at me all smirky
and inquire 'How much per pound?'
Sure, I know I’m kinda quirky;
I’ll admit that I’m a geek,
but I’m not THAT kind of turkey.
I’ve a nose and not a beak.
Henny-Penny, Turkey-Lurkey,
Cocky-Locky…beaks galore.
I’m a dork from Albuquerque.
I can’t take this any more!
Call me dweeb instead of turkey.
Call me doofus; call me drip.
Just don’t look at me all perky,
like you wanna take a nip.
I am not THAT kind of turkey.
I’m a GUY, so shut your lip!"



Friday, November 19, 2010

The Secret of the Harvest

The secret of the harvest is to love the work you do...

to give thanks for the labor that becomes a part of you.

A gentle heart makes certain that each crop is picked with care

and takes a tender moment to enjoy the goodness there.

The richness of the harvest does not come without a cost.

Sometimes you walk with confidence,

and sometimes you get lost.

But if you reach for gratitude...

and give reverence its due,

you'll find abundance all around...

with joy

and friendship, too.

You'll find a love for every creature

underneath the sun,

and peace will fill your heart

before the harvest day is done.

(Then––if you've worked real hard––
a candy apple might be fun!)


These photos of my grandchildren were taken by their talented mom:

Thursday, November 18, 2010

In Treatment

HBOs "In Treatment" is one of my favorite programs. This series is nothing short of fascinating, and the acting is first-rate, too. Viewers can look forward every Wednesday night to watching a trio of (fictional but convincing) 30-minute psychotherapy sessions, one right after the other. The encounters between each of three disparate individuals and their therapist, Paul, are intensely interesting. Of course, the fourth session features Paul and his own therapist, which offers the most intriguing interaction of all. The therapy is ongoing, so fans of this show get to see four patients treated from start to finish over the course of an entire season. Personally, I can't get enough of it.

PS. I am a guest blogger today over at Recipe Cut Outs...a blog that is well worth visiting! And not just because I have a post there!!

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Making a List, Chucking It Twice

Have I ever told you how much I love lists? In fact, I always have a couple of lists going to help me stay focused and happy in life. Frequently seen is a list of things to do. Another is a list of things and people to pray about. And yes, I do sometimes take the Oprah track and list appreciation, though I prefer this counsel because Ms. O gets on my last nerve these days. In general, I do NOT keep a list of the little things that bug me now and then...here or there...but today I will be compiling one directly below, for your reading (and my venting) pleasure.

It just occurred to me that this list o' mine may be the exact opposite of a gratitude list. Figures. The week before Thanksgiving I am creating a list that is the antithesis of a thanksgiving one. But that's how I'm gonna roll today, and getting the pesky stuff outta my head/off my chest will free me up to not only make but actually feel the appreciation that is mine. So, without further ado, here it is:

The List of Things that Bug Me

1. It's Indian summer in November. (Is there hope for a sustainable fall this year?)
2. One of my birch trees is ailing.
3. I found a lizard in my bathroom yesterday. A lizard!!
4. My cold from two weeks ago now has a life of its own. It may even be having kids. In my body.
5. Brandy got kicked off Dancing with the Stars prematurely. (I know; she kinda bugged me too. But fair is fair, and this wasn't.)
6. The whole medical school interview process is overlong and excruciating.
7. The whole infertility process is overlong and excruciating.
8. I fell off the healthy eating wagon nearly two weeks ago and can't seem to get back on. (Also excruciating.)
9. My house refuses to expand with my growing family. (Go figure.)
10. My mom took a spill again and really banged herself up. (No broken bones, thankfully.) Hey, I think a smidge of gratitude may be peeking through!

See what I mean? It's working already. I should have that gratitude list ready to go any day now.