Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Making a List, Chucking It Twice

Have I ever told you how much I love lists? In fact, I always have a couple of lists going to help me stay focused and happy in life. Frequently seen is a list of things to do. Another is a list of things and people to pray about. And yes, I do sometimes take the Oprah track and list appreciation, though I prefer this counsel because Ms. O gets on my last nerve these days. In general, I do NOT keep a list of the little things that bug me now and or there...but today I will be compiling one directly below, for your reading (and my venting) pleasure.

It just occurred to me that this list o' mine may be the exact opposite of a gratitude list. Figures. The week before Thanksgiving I am creating a list that is the antithesis of a thanksgiving one. But that's how I'm gonna roll today, and getting the pesky stuff outta my head/off my chest will free me up to not only make but actually feel the appreciation that is mine. So, without further ado, here it is:

The List of Things that Bug Me

1. It's Indian summer in November. (Is there hope for a sustainable fall this year?)
2. One of my birch trees is ailing.
3. I found a lizard in my bathroom yesterday. A lizard!!
4. My cold from two weeks ago now has a life of its own. It may even be having kids. In my body.
5. Brandy got kicked off Dancing with the Stars prematurely. (I know; she kinda bugged me too. But fair is fair, and this wasn't.)
6. The whole medical school interview process is overlong and excruciating.
7. The whole infertility process is overlong and excruciating.
8. I fell off the healthy eating wagon nearly two weeks ago and can't seem to get back on. (Also excruciating.)
9. My house refuses to expand with my growing family. (Go figure.)
10. My mom took a spill again and really banged herself up. (No broken bones, thankfully.) Hey, I think a smidge of gratitude may be peeking through!

See what I mean? It's working already. I should have that gratitude list ready to go any day now.



Jocelyn Christensen said...

So who is applying for medical school?

The nursing home meeting went well today...I think instead of adopting one grandparent, I ended up adopting all 61, which is all right, I guess! :) How many days are in December anyway?

Kim said...

LOL That is quite a list. A lizard......oh my! Sorry, but I kind of cheered out loud last night at the end of DWTS. I found it interesting that she made herself cry every week but last night was the first time I saw tears and believed it.
To end on a positive note, I'm glad your mom wasn't seriously hurt.

karen said...

Wow - you're where I was a couple of days ago! Don't worry about the lizard - they eat pestier things, like ants and small spiders. People in Hawaii let geckos run all over their houses, but I wouldn't go that far. Small house: I can relate. But if its a happy house everything will be fine. I hope your Mom is OK. No more tap dancing for her. Bruises are better than broken bones. {{HUGS}} for her. And thanks for the list idea/confirmation. It's exactly what I need to do. When I can find some time.

Grandma Honey said...

Hey I like this idea. Get it out, on paper, look at it and then let the gratitude flow. I think sometimes we are stressed but don't know why. But if we can take a look at it, then it's like putting it all in perspective. I think I will try this.

Dixie Mom said... least your list isn't as long as mine, since I'm a glass half-empty kind of gal.
I hear it's been pretty hot over there this fall. I hope you get those cooler days soon.
And I don't think that anyone would argue that all the things you listed aren't very fun or nice and it wouldn't be a very easy thing to just ignore them.

jen said...

My wagon also crashed.I'm back on, just in time for the eating binges of the season.
And glad Darlene is okay.

Fiauna said...

Your list only helps me realize that you are human and, therefore, I can still hope to one day be as cool as you are. But I have noticed that whenever someone starts to list aloud what they are grateful for they always begin to smile.

And today I am grateful for people like you. : )

Karen said...

Somehow I feel your list is not very petty - MY list would be petty. All of those things are fair to complain about - Even the gratitude peeking through.

Glad your mom is ok! Medical scool will be worth it. Infertilly stinks! I think Bristol is a terrible dancer but love her spunk. Fudge has dairy in it so that is protien!

Love ya!

Lisalulu said...

It's a great list! and now that that's off your mind, you can get on to the BIG FAMILY week you have planned for next week. lucky you, enjoy!

Jess said...

I think a 'things that must go' list is a good way to stay healthy- mentally and gastronomically too. Way to save yourself from ulcers. And I can't agree with #7 more.

Jess said...

p.s. Did you get the email I sent about not getting your email? I didn't get an email with you address so I can ship you the truffles I have for you.

Roger and LeAnn said...

I do think it is very healthy to vent some of your life moments; thanks for sharing. Some brought a smile for sure. I do think it is good to vent our frustrations. I think it always feels better when you put it on paper. I always tell my children they need to journal; which is a big passion of mine. I have also thought of doing a gratitude journal on my blog.
I hope your mom is ok; and that you will receive some tender mercies from the Lord.
Hugs to you! LeAnn

Darlene said...

Interesting list. I am also a list does help. All of the comments were insightful. I enjoyed reading them. I am going to comment too.
1-I hope your Indian summer holds (sorry) you know how I suffer from the cold and I am always cold at your house. If the sun is shining, I can at least go out and sit on your comfortable chair and warm up.
2-Truly sorry about your birch tree.
3-Wonderful that you found a lizard in your bathroom. I would have thought you would have held him and tamed him like you did our pet lizard. Remember Timicky? It was fun to have him as long as we did. Too bad Jayne held him so tightly that he died. Remember the neat funeral we gave him and the beautiful casket we made out of a shoe box? And especially when Uncle Earl from Palm Springs Florist came over early on Memorial Day and decorated his grave with artificial grass and a miniture easle spray? And then Jayne had to ruin the whole thing by digging him up a few months later so that she could show him to some company that we were telling about him. I'm concerned about what you did with your bathroom lizard?
4-I was afraid this cold of yours would last. Hope it gets better soon.
5-I was truly MAD that Brandy got kicked off. That show really isn't fair, it is mostly about your fan base. Remember when Emmett Smith won?
6-I am going crazy too waiting for Todd's acceptance to Med School.
7-I keep saying that Karin and Bob should adopt. She's sure to get pregnant then
8-Too bad you fell off the "diet". Unfortunately Dick did too.
9=Yeh, I've been wondering where you are going to put Kristin and Craig now that they have Sully.
10- My fall really banged me up but I have put ice on it so much that the swelling has gone down a lot. I am so greatful that nothing broke this time. I'm just sore as can be and am upset that I won't be able to do all the things I wanted to do before we leave on Monday. Thanks to all your followers who wished me well.

Cherie said...

I have a couple of the same "gripes" ha ha - Sometimes it just feel good to get it off your chest!
I do have to say I am so glad I have never found a lizard in my bathroom - but I guess there are much worse things.
And I felt really bad for Brandy last night. I think that it is ruining the ending to the show. Jennifer is not going to have any competition now so what is the point.
I think votes or no that Brandy is the superior dancer and should have stayed. It definately was wrong.

yaya said...

My hubby is a list, not so much. Which explains why he never forgets, always forgetting everything. Here in Ohio if we get Indian summer we rejoice because old man winter will kick our bums soon enough. Can't top the lizard in the bathroom...don't watch the dancin' thing..the last time my Mommo fell she broke her nose, shoulder, pelvis and dignity..she recovered fine though! I fell off my diet and can't get hopefully your cold will go away and you'll be able to enjoy Thanksgiving!

Momza said...

Your list is pretty big there.
I don't watch DWTS, so I can't make a comment about any of that.
I can say that I hope your Mom heals quickly and the familial challenges are eased and resolved soon too.
As for the birch--well I LOVE birch trees and that makes me really sad.
I hope you get someone out to fix it up!

Kat said...

I think it's a great idea to vent, and for some of us writing is the best way to do it! The lizard wouldn't bother me, we get them all the time (much to my cat's amusement) But the birch tree would really upset me. Glad that your Mom was ok, those falls can be scary! Kat

Joy For Your Journey said...

I am so sorry to hear about your mother and your cold. Colds are never fun and it seems like you get them much too often. And falling is so hard on the elderly. I am glad your mother is okay, but even so it is difficult.

I am also sympathetic to the infertility and medical school challenges. It does seem like the medical school thing has gone on for a long time and I am just an observer. And infertility is so heart wrenching.

But as for a lizard. . . we have those regularly. After a while they won't seem like a big deal. :-) And about your house. . . We have a large house that has fewer and fewer people in it. What makes me sad is wandering empty hallways and rooms all day. I can't wait for next week when the whole family will be here and the rooms will be filled up again. So there is always another side. :-)

Amy said...

Your list makes me laugh and I think you are crazy for not embracing an indian summer. Those are my favorite, and for the rest of this week, that is what we are enjoying.
A lizard in the bathroom is a little too crazy. Good luck with your gratitude!

VK said...

Hope your mom is okay. I agree with the med school extravaganza, and I should blog about my 5 year old grand daughter coming into my kitchen and telling me, "There's an animal in the toy room." It turned out to be ... a lizard.
We all need to vent in written form as well as share our gratitude lists once in a while.

Jenny said...

Vent on sister :-)

I am glad that Mom is okay and hope that the overlong and excruciating things pay off in the end!!

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