Friday, August 21, 2015

Nexus Needed

©2015 Susan Noyes Anderson

Unfair I may be, but I'm not
quite certain of that fact.
It's hard to be objective when
you judge the way I act.

I hurt your feelings, so you say,
but do you care for mine?
Your constant criticism leaves me
feeling less than fine.

You tell me I don't like you much.
I'd say the same for you.
If this is liking me, I wonder
what dislike would do.

In honesty, I must admit
my attitude needs work.
I'll like you a lot more when
you're a lot less of a jerk.

In other words, your attitude
could use some labor, too.
Am I the chicken or the egg?
Who hatched this: me or you?

I'm sure we won't agree on that.
I guess we're in a pickle.
You think I suck. I think you suck.
Can we meet in the middle?

Find the intersection. 

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Marking Marvelous Moments

Darlene and Dick

A lot of you old-timers at Sue's News are BIG fans of my formerly blogging mom, so I thought you'd enjoy seeing this 43rd wedding anniversary pic of her with her sweetheart. Aren't these two a cute pair? They even got kinda matchy-matchy with their outfits in honor of the occasion. Dave and I just returned home from visiting the lovebirds last weekend, and we can testify that they are about as happy a couple as you are going to find. Hope they have a TERRIFIC day together. 

Melina and Alcide

Can't believe our miracle babies are half-a-year old already. Where on earth do those first six months go, anyway?! As you can see, these two are growing up to be as beautiful/handsome as might be expected of my grandchildren (heehee). Grandpa and I are having LOTS of fun with them, and they truly are keeping us young! Well…youngish, anyway. 


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