Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Thank you, Thanks, and Thanks Again!

Thanks, Karen M!

Thanks, Cheryl!

Who doesn't like the warm, fuzzy feeling associated with getting a bit o' blog recognition every now and then? A bit more challenging is completing the memes that often accompany these cyber pats on the back, which is why I'm doing double duty today. You see, both of these awards ask their recipient to share a list of things about herself (one asks for seven things and the other for ten), so I figure if I can manage to put down ten moderately interesting facts about me, I'll count myself done!

If, as is likely true, you have no particular interest in reading ten moderately interesting facts about me, I completely understand. There may not even be ten facts about me that are moderately interesting. So...feel free to move on as needed to preserve your sanity and/or avoid unnecessary tedium in your life...But do come back tomorrow, okay? ;)

DISCLAIMER: This blogger accepts no responsibility whatsoever for instances of terminal boredom occurring as as a direct or indirect result of reading the material presented below. In other words, proceed at your own risk.

1. I do not enjoy either Barry Manilow or Neil Diamond. I just can't.
2. I am completely out of the Twilight series loop, though I did borrow and read the first one when I was babysitting my grandkids.
3. Culinary arts are not my specialty, but my limited repertoire is surprisingly tasty.
4. I wear Crocs almost every day. This may or may not be really uncool.
5. I carry on my person at all times a rather unattractive quasi-backpack called the "Healthy Back Bag."
6. I covet the creative talents of various painters and sculptors but my ability in both areas is painfully less than marginal.
7. I used to be a decent alto but seem to have lost the upper third of my register. And my ear is going, too.
8. I love wide, open spaces and beautiful views of nature. I am besotted with trees, especially mine.
9. I can be the life of the party or a near recluse, depending on my mood.
10. I happen to be the least photogenic person alive.*

*Documentation available upon request.

These are my secrets! And I am not ashamed...


PS. Special thanks, as well, to Jen for a recent and very kind shout-out...and to Karen M. and Lisa for sending me cool prizes when I was lucky enough to win their giveaways! (I hope I didn't forget anyone...If so, please forgive me and chalk it up to the memory ravages of menopause.)

PPS. Oh, and one shot of complete appreciation goes out to every one of you for making your way over here on a regular basis to read all this stuff!


Caroline said...

I am out of the Twilight loop too. I seem to always catch onto things like this years later! :)
Oh and anyone who wears crocs is cool in my book. :)

Enjoyed these facts about you!

cj Schlottman said...

"Don't compromise yourself. You are all you've got." - Janis Jopin

There is nothing boring about you! Just take a look at my drab blogs and you'll appreciate the artistry of yours. Your writing is the kind that is easy to read and meaningful. That is one of my definitions of good writing.

(No more self-deprecation)!


karen said...

No. No. You are not the least photogenic person alive. That would be me. Photoshop is my dear friend. For the record, I'm not a fan of Neil Diamond or Barry Manilow either. Ew. Crocs are comfy? Then they're cool. Twilight? Not so much, although there were some kind of hot passages. You're never boring Sue. Never.

Karen Mortensen said...

I am not into Twilight either but how can you not like Barry and Niel? I love them. Oh well, cuts down on compitition. LOL

I am glad you liked your award and gift card.

BECKY said...

Hi Sue! Don't all women pretty much think they aren't as gorgeous, thin, etc...as they "should" be?! One really good thing about getting older, is that we usually learn to forget all that stuff! ....We Love You Just The Way You Are ♪♫♪..!!
PS. I used to sing alto in my church choir...another similarity we have!! :)

Lisa Loo said...

I hate to actually do the meme thing but I love reading everybody else's. In the interest of not offending anyone I will just say that I have never read or seen the Twilight series.

Crocs are celestial baby--did you know they make white ones now? Do you think they will let us wear them in the temple?

After the Jazz Singer came out I thought Neil Diamond was pretty wonderful and throughout my teenage angst--Barry was my go to guy--so don't hate--but--I outgrew them--does that count?

Tell us more about your quasimoto backpack!

I used to be a fairly decent mezzo soprano and now I can't hit a decent high E even if someone lights a firecracker underneath me. What is up with that?!

I vacillate between hermit and semi hermit but I think mine has more to do with the chemicals in my brain doing the cha cha when it is clearly a tango.

Thanx by the way for the nice comment on my chemically balanced post--HUGE thanx for using the words--living courageously--not very many people understand that.

Oh and my wv is alato--maybe thats what happens to an alto as they "mature"?

Lindsey Buck said...

Congrats on the rewards! I love ten random things lists. You aren't missing much on the Twilight thing, take it from me.

Jenny said...


I LOVE CROCS - I wear mine all of the time!!!!!

I also enjoy beautiful views of nature, including trees!!!

Braden Bell said...

I will compete with you for the title of least photogenic.

Darlene said...

I have absolutely no idea what the "Twilight" series is, am I missing out on something?

I love my Crocs and just recently bought three more pairs, navy, brown and white. I too think it would be neat to wear the white ones in the Temple. Do I dare?

I love love love being around you! You are always the center of conversation and are such fun to be with. Interesting though that I am so like some of your ten things. Could that be genetic?

Em said...

i liked the first twilight movie the best, but i liked the 4th book the best. i read them when i was pregnant with brennan. well, at least the first two i did. i'm not sure if i was still pregnant with books 3 and 4. i enjoyed reading them and the regular chatting with friends about the books, but i'm def not putting up any life size cutouts of any of the characters in my house;-)

Amy said...

Finally, someone who agrees with me about Neil Diamond! I don't really know much Barry Manilow, so I can't opinion-ate there. And I love your list. Seriously, I wish I lived near you so we could be real life friends. More often than not life of the party, aren't you?