Monday, July 12, 2010

Life Has a Rhythm

This poem ©2010 Susan Noyes Anderson

Life has a rhythm all its own

It bends and dips and flows

It moves through channels

Swirls in eddies

Goes and stops and goes

It’s up; it’s down; it’s all around

From grassy banks and shores

To misty meadows, lofty peaks

Rock beds and ocean floors

Life winds around the edges

And it goes outside the tracks

It blasts its way and wears away

And trickles through the cracks

Sometimes it’s cut off at the pass

Or tangled up in weeds

It soars and slips and free falls

Rushes in and then recedes

Life looms and lulls and lights the sky

Life sucks you dry and fills you

Embrace it; chase it; drink it up…

Release the fear that stills you

Not living is what kills you.


Unknown said...

and some days i get all of that by noon! love your post!

Jess said...

So true, and some days it's all of the above- good, bad, and crazy

Karen Mortensen said...

Beautiful post once again. I loved your poem and the pictures were awesome.

Momza said...

This is was awesome!
Thanks Sue!!!!

Grandma Honey said...

The hardest part to remember is, "Sometimes it cuts you off at the past, or tangled up in weeds." Those are the times it's easy to give up and forget that it always gets better...

karen said...

Is that the poem you were working on? It's really good! When things are rough I always try to remember that it's a cycle, and good things are just around the corner. Great thoughts!

jen said...

Life's a cycle, that's for sure. Hope this is just a poem and not a life-state for you.

Myrna Foster said...

What a great poem! Would it be called a photo poem, instead of a photo essay?

And did you paint the first picture? It's gorgeous!

Darlene said...

Great poem. Ir gives me a lot to think about. I truly loved the pictures. Tell me, did you write the poem first and then find the pictures, or did the pictures inspire the poetry?

Unknown said...

This was good for me.
We decided yesterday to move...officially.

Susan Anderson said...

I wrote the poem first, Mom. I did it Sunday morning just after I finished polishing the priesthood poem for my Relief Society lesson. Why do you ask?


People Who Know Me Would Say: said...

If you made this into a poster, I would be the first in line to buy it, Sue! It's FABULOUS!!

Caroline said...

Carpe diem. I love this. This is a poem we should all have framed and hanging in our homes.

Thank you for sharing your talent with us.


Em said...

currently seizing;-) or at least trying.

Unknown said...

I love this post..the pictures are beautiful and the words are so true.....

Amy said...

Aw, I like that one! And the photos are just majestic.

Joy For Your Journey said...

I love this!!! I only have a few minutes but I wanted to read something that would uplift and motivate me. I chose to go to your blog first and found this!! It was just what I needed. Thank you, thank you!

* said...

What a work of art this is! All of the pictures fit together so well, with every stanza, turn of thought.

You are a marvel.