Sunday, April 12, 2009

Poems and Pictures Rule the Day

He Walked Alone

Jerusalem, He entered like a King.
with shouts of acclamation, fronds of palm.
But these gave way to fear, and none were with Him.
To His stripes, loving hands applied no balm.

He walked alone; and, bowed beneath the cross,
He who gave living water tasted gall
and vinegar and blood, then drank the cup––
a sinless, selfless sacrifice for all.

Because of Him, our bodies rise again.
In Him, is every spirit justified.
And every soul is ransomed by His hand,
pierced through, by those for whom He bled and died.

Yet in His final hours on the cross,
His heart was turned to them in love and grace.
Father, forgive…They know not what they do.
Stripped of His sacred life, He pled their case.

How infinite His mercy and devotion.
How wonderful His gentleness and power.
Exquisite was the pain our Lord endured,
the solitude that marked His final hour.

Surely, He must not walk alone again.
Be His. Walk with the Savior. Tell His story.
In testifying, we stand all amazed.
In serving Christ, we kneel before His glory.

When He returns, the world will stand amazed;
then every knee will bow, each tongue confess.
The time is nigh, and there is work to do.
Press forward, Saints. We owe Him nothing less.

Thanks to Bible Picture Gallery for its New Testament picture.


K2cole said...

I like this one even better, what a great reminder of the atonement and our ability to keep him with us.

Thank you,

Fiauna said...

How beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

karen said...

Beautiful Sue! A wonderful reminder that made me stop and think.

Julz said...

Thanks for the comment. I love the poetry, and I love it that you are a grandma that blogs, my kids grandma can barely even use the computer! :)

jen said...

Where did you find those pictures? The Women poem confirms what Elder Holland said last Sunday. . . .

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