Friday, April 10, 2009

Home Tour Part Deux

Earlier this week, I promised to post part two of my utterly delightful home tour. (Okay, so I'm talkin' it up a little...) The thing is, I'm convinced it will be fascinating. Of course, I was also convinced that I could eat strawberry shortcake last night and not be heavier this morning.   oops

Be that as it may, let's step into my living room, dwelling place of a rare and ancient leather artifact. Midnight blue leather, to be exact.

This remarkable sofa is 11 feet long and 1100 years old. Okay, maybe only 25 years old. Truth is, I had the thing made to order in 1985, and I'm attached to it. (The elderly and pregnant are attached to it as well, mainly because they are unable to rise from its depths without assistance.)

Move down a smidge to view the other side of our geriatric couch, as well as...

My favorite lamp. (The shade is a thing of beauty, and its champagne glow lends ambience to spare.)

On to the brand new HDTV, an addition I first fought fiercely and finally fell for. Maybe cuz corner consoles are cool. (Please note the incredible work of art [translation: stained glass hummingbird] in the upper right-hand corner of this photo.)

Now enlarged for your viewing pleasure. 

Our eldest son, who crafted this for his beloved parents while serving as a missionary for our church in Louisiana, hopes you will feel free to compliment him effusively on any aspect of its workmanship. Sincerity, while appreciated, is not required. 
(Kidding aside, one of my favorite things.)

Continuing in a circular motion, you will arrive at my rugged rock fireplace. Not everyone likes it, but I think the rocks...well...rock.  =)

My favorite chair across the way. (Don't even think about sitting here!)

Time to head down the hall of photos. (Yes, the hallway's as looooong as it looks. And keeps going after you turn left, too.)

First stop, my daughter's room. (Now a guest room, of course.) Anyone want to come visit?  =)

There's a kickin' view out her window. ("Hip" slang terminology courtesy of Emilisq.)

And a rockin' (double entendre definitely intended) chair we inherited from my husband's mom. I have great fondness for this one.

Hence, the close up.

Isn't it sad when all of your kids' bedrooms have become guest rooms?

And yet, kinda wonderful?

My husband doesn't understand why I'm showing my guest bathroom tile (or, as he calls it, the shower). 

But hey, it's my beach motif!

(Be kind now, ladies...Remember, it never costs anything to be kind.)

My work space and writing station.

And the glider I ride on when the thoughts aren't flowing.

If that doesn't work, I gain inspiration from the family photo wall in my bedroom. (I know, I know...You've seen this. But it's one of the few things I've ever made that turned out well, so it gets a re-run.)

I wish I had the talent to have created this treasured inheritance from my husband's childhood home, now gracing our bedroom.

And yet another chair (apparently, I have a "throne" collection), also in my bedroom, from whose "just-my-size" comfort I contemplate the world.

This presentation concludes (finally!), with my world view from the burgundy throne's vantage point.

Followed by a world view I do NOT enjoy.
Well, maybe I do, on some level I never want to analyze...

Thanks for indulging me. I give my word of honor never to do it again! 


PS. Calling Oprah to recommend yours truly for an upcoming show featuring women who can't stop collecting and displaying knick knacks will not be condoned.


jen said...

all the knick knacks aside, I LOVE the windows in your home, especially the huge slider (?) in your bedroom. You have beautiful views out every window. Hence the title of your blog?
Expect cookies probably Tuesday. I overdid yesterday, and I need to stay down a few to recover. . .

Momza said...

I for one, love the tour! You have alot of memories--that's evident. Your homeis warm and cozy and filled with love.
Thanks for allowing us to take a peek!

karen said...

What a nice home you have! Beautiful windows, and I sincerely love the hummingbird. I think you and I are about the same vintage, so maybe you can answer this burning question: WHY is it that you can't eat strawberry shortcake without putting on 2 pounds overnight? This never used to happen...

Sue said...

Ah, Karen, the strawberry shortcake thing is a sure sign that there is


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