Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Good News About the Good News!

My new friend, the "praying" mantis, has some good news! Or maybe I should say, "good news about the good news"!

I was reading Meridian Magazine this morning and came across an article that made me feel a lot more hopeful about the state of Christianity in our country than the Newsweek story I wrote about in this post did. 

Apparently, the Easter video based on Elder Holland's talk, "And None Were with Him" (posted last week on this very blog), has become the top "viral video" on the internet. As of Monday morning, nearly a quarter of a million people have viewed it, and the number is still rising! 

So congratulations to all of you who have been part of spreading the gospel's "good news" by posting the video on your blog, putting it up on Facebook, e-mailing it to friends, and the like. Just goes to show that the Internet definitely can be a force for good in the world. And also, that truth, expressed under the influence of the Spirit, will always speak to the human heart.

Good news, indeed.


Terresa said...

love your praying mantis pic. And don't ya love modern technology, spreading the gospel far and wide. One of the reasons why I love youtube so darned much!

ps: I found you on MM blogs. ;)

jen said...

Can we both pat ourselves on the back? I think so!
There was a great article in Meridian about the Easter Pageant at the Mesa Temple as well.
Did you get your AI fix? Adam was awesome!

Fiauna said...

The praying mantis pic is great!

The Easter video is so touching. I'm glad something this good went viral.

(Just BTW, the first book in the Fablehaven series would be fine for an older seven-year-old, or one with a high reading level. But, my son has warned me that the rest of the books get a little violent and scary. He recommends being over the age of eight for those. )

em said...

yay yay yay, that is so fun:-) my mom also reads meridian DAILY. it is her bread and butter beyond the scriptures. she went on a trip with the proctors last october to jerusalem for 2 weeks. she blogged all about it, so much fun.

Momza said...

love the praying mantis! love E. Holland's testimony! Life is good!

Natalie said...

Love, love, love this! Thank you Sue.

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