Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dancing (and Romancing!) with the Stars

Okay, I begin by freely admitting my lameness. Due in large part to the romantic status of certain members of the cast, I am completely looking forward to Dancing with the Stars this season. (Disclaimer: So You Think You Can Dance still reigns supreme as the premiere dance show of the air waves.)

That said, here's the first and best attraction of DWTS: Julianne Hough (my favorite) has decided to come back again, and she will be paired with her country music-singing boyfriend, Chuck Wicks. That will be interesting to see.

Almost as good is the fact that Jewel will be participating as well, going head-to-head with her rodeo cowboy husband, Ty Murray. How fun is that?

The rest of the cast, listed in descending order of my desire to see them, are: Shawn Johnson (Olympic gymnast), Nancy O'Dell (Access Hollywood), Steve-O (Jackass) (the show, I mean...though he does seem to qualify), Steve Wozniak (Apple exec), Lawrence Taylor (football dude), Belinda Carlisle (Go Go's singer), David Alan Grier (actor/comedian), Gilles Marini (Sex and the City), Lil' Kim (rapper who brings immodesty to a whole new level), and Denise Richards (icky, husband-stealing friend of Heather Locklear/model). Lil' Kim and Denise Richards are actually tied for the contestant I'd least like to meet and/or watch on TV. I may even dial some digits this time, just to be part of voting them off.

Anyway, the show promises to be entertaining as all get-out and begins on March 9th!


PS. SYTYCD still blows DWTS out of the water, contestant love interests notwithstanding.


Kristin said...

SYTYCD does reign supreme!!!

But don't you think that Steve-O should be higher on the list? It's going to be funny to watch him dance.

Is Lacey coming back as on the pros?

Sue said...

When you're right, you're right, Kristin. I've bumped him up several places. As for Lacey, I haven't heard...but I hope so!

NBlake said...

And what about brother Hough? Is he coming back?

Sue said...

Yep, Derek will be dancing too.

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