Thursday, October 1, 2009

Shine On, Harvest Moon

Only three things are missing from this picture...ET, Elliott, and the bicycle!

I happen to be a big admirer of the moon. Perhaps this admiration comes from reading "Goodnight, Moon" to my little ones every night for so many years, but more likely it reaches back to my own childhood and visions of the cow jumping over it, Peter Pan flying by it, the man peeking out from inside of it, or Wynken Blynken and Nod sailing blithely past it. Whatever the reason, just looking at the moon's pale glow makes me feel better. And while this old friend may not generate warmth in quite the same way the sun does, it manages to warm my heart every time I raise my eyes to the night sky and see its golden, reassuring face.

So, let's get to it! October has arrived, the frost is on the pumpkins, and a brightly shining harvest moon is on the rise. Clearly, an ode is in order.

In fact, one just happened to appear this morning, but it came with two endings.

Can you help me choose the best one? (And feel free to share your reasons, too!)

The moon's more friendly than the sun,
more soothing when the day is done,
more peaceful in the autumn sky,
more gentle to the naked eye.

The moon's less prideful than the sun,
less apt to glare at anyone,
less finicky as seasons turn,
and less inclined to cause moonburn.


and less capricious. (No moonburn!)

Thanks for your input. I'll select the last line tonight, once you've all chimed in, then post the final product on my poetry website tomorrow.



Darlene said...

For what it's worth, I prefer the latter. However, I would still like it if you published the first one.

karen said...

I like "less capricious. (No moonburn!)" Why? I like the word capricious - it makes the moon seem playful and friendly (espcially since no moonburn!) I like full beautiful moons too. Gorgeous to look at and they light our evening walks. Good Night Moon!

jen said...

Definitely capricious

Anonymous said...

I agree the second. Beautiful moon photo. Beautiful poem.

Susan Anderson said...

Okay, then, "capricious" it is! You can see the finished product at!


Susan Anderson said...

(Or just go back to this post and click on the new title "The Moon, More or Less.")

Em said...

#1: now i need to go watch ET.
#2: i had goodnight moon memorized as a child, so they tell me AND it was the first book i read to brennan after he was born (yes, i so brought it to the hospital)
#3: capricious

Ryan A said...

It really touched me the way you played a song called "just like the moon" and I was staring at a beautiful harvest moon. Pretty sure there is a Neil Young song that would also fit perfectly. The mixture of visual beauty mixed with music is beautiful. I just love reading your blog everyday.

Susan Anderson said...


Actually, Ryan, I almost did pick "Harvest Moon," but opted for "Just Like the Moon" because it was a little more playful and seemed to suit the poem slightly better.

Glad you like the music/text matching...One of my incredibly creative sons suggested it to me.


Karen Sue said...

"..and a quiet old lady who was whispering 'HUSH'..."
rocking babies in chairs and not even needing the book because the words just came automatically for a period in your life.