Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Halloween Tale of Terror

One All Hallow's Eve, 'neath the silvery moon

on a night meant for witches in flight,

two children went looking for treats at the door

of a house that just didn't look right.

Their knees started shaking because they both knew

jack o' lanterns don't light on their own,

but these jacks were burning

right there in the yard...

the GRAVE yard––where

ghosts moan and groan.

The kids dropped their candy

and ran for the street,

but the bats didn't want them to go.

Swarms swooped from the sky

with a trio of ghosts

and a witch, flying in the moon's glow.

Those kids ran as fast and as far as they could

from that frightful old house on their street.

But they never were heard from again...No, not once.

Are you ready to go trick-or-treat?


to Jeremiah, Carli, and Bryce
with love
from Grandma and Grandpa


Amy said...

What a fun story! I love the spooky music that goes along with it! Have a wonderfully spooky Halloween!

Em said...

i'm ready now!!!! pass the candy:-)

Snarky Belle said...

You are so awesome! That was a great tale of terror for sure! :)

Heather Anderson said...

They LOVE it THANKS to the best Grandparents!!!

Katie Blacker said...

great poem!

Anonymous said...

You are one talented grandma! What a fun Halloween poem.

karen said...

What fun your grandkiddies must have with you!

Susan Anderson said...

I hope so, Karen, because I sure have fun with THEM!


Darlene said...

it is so fun to see you connect with your grandchildren. I absolutely love seeing you with them. They are three extremely fortunate children to have you and Dave for their grandparents. Of course you are lucky too.

Beth said...

i love ghost stories!