Sunday, October 25, 2009

Matt's Magnificently Marvelous, Moderately Mischievous Birthday Message


Not only are you are one fine-looking fellow,

but you are the dad everyone wishes for,

the husband everyone dreams of,

and a son that makes me proud...

In a good way, of course.

Or not...
(Matt's birth? Sure, that was me. I rocked it.)

Lest the uninformed reader judge me too harshly, justifications for my borderline unrighteous pride follow:

1. Matt takes being smart and sensitive to a whole new level (thus making the short list of best/most interesting people to talk to).
2. He's also a whole lotta fun...the life of every party. (If he can't get you laughing, you need therapy!)
3. And ya know what? He can provide that therapy (licensed marriage, family and child counselor).
4. The guy is good-looking too, albeit addicted to facial hair in various forms.
5. (Also addicted to basketball, music, the "paleo" diet, and Stephen King books).
6. But no one's perfect, right? And he does call his mother. (Frequently. And without reminders.)
7. He is devoted to his young family, our rapidly aging family, and the entire extended family (young and old).
8. As you can see, he is no respecter of persons. All are equal in his eyes. (And equally made fun of.)
9. Yes, our Matt is an equal opportunity mocker.
10. So that's all good, right? (And he never does it behind your back.)
11. No way, Jose. He rips you right to your face.
12. In a kind way, of course. (Kind of kind, anyway.)
13. Because Matt is, above all things, kind.
14. After all, he's a therapist...a caring professional. (Oops. Am I repeating myself?)
15. Because Matt never would. His unique and original mind would never repeat itself.
16. The word "boring" isn't even in his lexicon.
17. Since Matt is the very definition of entertaining.
18. Which is exactly why this post represents him so well.
19. What's that you say? This post is c-r-a-z-y?!
20. Well, yes. Exactly.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan Noyes Anderson

PS. All kidding aside, Matt, thanks for making mine a more wonderful world.
PPS. Did you know you are among my greatest blessings in life?
PPPS. We didn't name you "gift of God" for nothing!


Ryan A said...

yeah...Matt is ok I guess

Anonymous said...

You have so many birthdays. I don't know how you keep up. You are a 4 star grandma/mom.

Heather Anderson said...

HAppy Bday to " the husband everyone dreams of"... but he is mine so back off ")

Susan Anderson said...


funny one, Heather.


Susan Anderson said...


This is the only year I am going to do these somewhat over-the-top birthday tributes, and it has been pretty crazy! (I still have four more left, too.)

Then, next year, all I am going to do is add a couple of sentences at the end of my regular posts to wish them a happy day. Frankly, I can't wait! Honestly, it's hard to keep coming up with new material.


Snarky Belle said...

Another fabulous birthday tribute! It never fails, I read these, and wish so much that I could meet your family!! :)

Darlene said...

Since Matt was my very first grandchild, I can honestly say that I feel a special bond with that crazy kid. Yes, crazy, but I wouldn't have him change, not one little bit. He is unique, as we all are to some extent, but I don't know anyone that is anywhere near Matt's personality. His brothers are the closest, I guess. But, I enjoy everything about Matt and he is all the things you mention and more. He is such a loving guy and it is really neat to know that he really loves his grandma and grandpa a whole lot. No one needs to tell me that. He shows it in everything he does and says. I love him "fiercely" and I just wish that we could see him more often. He actually doesn't live that far away, but that guy is so darned busy. He doesn't have a day of rest, not even Sunday. By the time we get to see him on a Saturday afternoon, it is already time for us to go. Some day, I just hope he won't have to work such long hours.

Unknown said...

You had me laughing on this tribute! Or was it a tribute??? Ha!!
I'm going to have to meet your family someday!

Em said...

applause, applause, applause!