Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Braving the Naughty Space

Consider the look on my grandson's face.
Have you ever been in that same "thinking" place?...
That little bit haughty and naughty space?

I sure have, and when it happens, I can usually manage in my old age not to act those feelings out. Instead, I diffuse the impulse to just say yes to bad behavior by treasuring up a few rebellious thoughts unto myself in a (mostly) facetious way and trying to let off some steam. When that doesn't work, I move to threat level two, which involves sharing those thoughts with my husband––including but not limited to assuring him that I am going to to take up swearing, begin smoking stogies (or at least carry one around to gesticulate with), offer up various outrageous comments for public consumption, and the like. (I guess I should mention here that we both know I am teasing, but we also pretend not to know. It's kind of fun.) Threat level two generally does the trick for me (generating these childish promises of evil-doing tends to crack me up and restore me to what passes for sanity), but now and again I just decide to chuck all of my efforts at self-containment and clean up the mess afterwards.

I think this may run in the family.

But we're working on it.



karen said...

I KNOW!! Sometimes when someone or something gets under my skin I really feel the urge to say or do something that I know will irritate. I've gotten better at stopping myself, but it's a really perverse trait of mine. It never makes me look better - only immature and rebellious.*SIGH* Glad I'm not the only one, although I don't end up cracking myself up - just wondering *WHY*

jen said...

One day I'd love to see you reach threat level three and rip it on your blog. That would be awesome!

Em said...

that kind of a day huh;-)

Unknown said...

That's pretty much me to a "T"!

Karen Sue said...

I have the middle child problem of just trying to keep peace and keeping everyone happy...I think you may like the Mary/Martha book a lot! This week it was about the heavy load of rocks we have in our wagons and how they get there and why we do it...and how we deal with it.