Thursday, October 22, 2009

Calling Down Bountiful Birthday Blessings

Happy birthday to the guy

who dives down deep,

climbs up high,

hits the slopes,

acts the fool,

craves good food

but plays it cool,

digs Hawaii

and his wife,

and runs with grace

the race of life.

He's hip as New York,

Kristin's love,

and fits this family

like a glove.


With love, hugs, and as many good wishes as you can handle
for bounteous birthday blessings to be yours this year.
(Because that's what all of us are praying for.)


PS. To those of you who've been reading my ramblings long enough to care, Craig is the very cool husband of my niece, Kristin, who definitely found her perfect match. And ours, too.


Karen Sue said...

Lovin' the birthday greeting here! About the Mary & Martha book. We are just reading chapter 4 for discussion this sunday, if we finish up with 3. 3 was about worry and we have a friend in there who really worries a little compulsively about things and her kids and her best friend was coming down a little hard on her this past week, so we've just finished chapter 2, then started chapter 3 one week. Spent all of last week there, too and now this week, hoping we can quick finish it up, so Cheryl doesn't feel attacked! Chapter 4 has a story of a man with a wagon and God gives him some stones to carry up the hill, but along the way others add their stones, as long as he's going... he can't make it and he calls out to God why is the load too much? And God asks why are the other stones in there? I didn't give you those, those are for other people to carry... I'm unfortunately, more of a wack-me-with-a-2x4 kind of Christian and I don't know that I'm a good God-listener. I know there are a lot more stones in my wagon, but I'm really not sure which ones are from God and which ones other people have convinced me that God wants me to put in the darn wagon. A quandry of life at 47 for me... so I'll be careful of swinging 2x4's on Sunday and let them help me understand! It is really fun, as we were a mixed group of couples and singles for a couple of years. It is kind of funny, because our class was kind of stalled and one of the husbands went to the teacher that we had and said we need some kind of change and he was told that people wouldn't do homework of reading and we wouldn't have discussion. We were a group that really just wanted another session of preaching and we'd listen...NOT SO AT ALL!! but the guys broke off to do the new Tony Dungy study and the women are doing this one. We picked up a few that hadn't been coming, so that was cool, and a couple of women have hopped over from another class. I don't want to steal from other classes, but the discussion on this so far is really good.

Karen Sue said...

sorry that was so long!

Darlene said...

I love that Craig so much!!!! You are right, he is perfect for our family and totally perfect for our Kristin. They are just so right for each other. Their's is truly a match made in Heaven. AND he gives wonderful hugs. AND he is so darned cute to boot!

Kristin said...

He really is the best. Aren't I lucky?

Craig said...

Thanks for the nice post Sue. The feeling is mutual. We're excited to see you guys over the holidays.

As for the skiing photo above...for the record I don't wear a bike helmet and sweat through my snow clothes on a normal day at the resort. I had just finished an 8 mile back tele ski race.

Susan Anderson said...

See...My point is made. You are an 8 mile back tele skier. (Whatever that is.) But hey, it's impressive.