Friday, August 7, 2009

On Kites, Poppins, Eagles and...Soaring

When I was twelve years old, I went on an excursion with my Young Women group to see "Mary Poppins" at the Grauman's Chinese theater. I can't even begin to tell you how that movie caught my imagination, not just the story, but the delightful music that accompanied it. I was singing those uniquely magical songs for years afterward. In fact, I'm still singing them today, mostly to my grandchildren. Their particular favorites are "I Love to Laugh," "A Spoonful of Sugar," and "Feed the Birds." As you can see, they also love "Let's Go Fly a Kite," and that's just what they did at the beach last week. (Was it only last week? Already, it feels like forever ago!)

Watching a kite fly has always managed to raise my spirits. Seeing that brightly colored butterfly, dragon or other colorful creature bob and weave among the clouds makes me feel like I am soaring, too. Even the frustration of having a string break is tempered by the understanding that tethered things must and will always strive to break free....and the hope that my own, earth-bound soul will aim high enough to do the same.

Why not? We were born for climbing and soaring. It's our birthright, a divine one. Too often, I still have feet of clay, but that high-flying kite is a great reminder that all things are possible!

Luke 1:37 - "For with God, nothing shall be impossible."

©1999 Susan Noyes Anderson and Nikki Noyes Blake,
Awaken Your Spiritual Power, Karisma Press

High on the mountain’s rocky crest,
an eagle soars to make its nest––
surrounded by nature’s majesty,
riding the wind so strong and free.
And I am at peace, and my soul takes wing
as I join the eagle, circling
above the clouds in a quest for height
so urgent that we speed our flight.
Faster and faster our wings beat strong,
and the strokes that we take are sure and long…
and I am at peace, and my soul feels free
to fly with the eagle inside of me.

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VK said...

I loved Marry Poppins and all the music associated with it when I was a child.
I also think you put this blog together expertly and wish you would host a workshop just for me sometime. :) Seriously.

KC Mom said...

Thank you for "uplifting" me and reminding me I'm meant to soar. I'm sinking and I really needed that boost of air.

karen said...

Lovely poem. I've noticed that the dreams we all have had that we can fly are pretty universal. I think it must hark back to the pre-existence days when we could. You know, a kind of longing for a part of ourselves that is, temporarily, no longer there.

karen said...

On a different note, were you pleased with the results last night on SYTYCD? I thought Kayla deserved better than 4th, but other than that, I was pretty happy. AND I can't wait for next season!

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