Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sue's One-Year Blogiversary Giveaway!

Sue's News, Views 'n Muse debuted on August 5, 2008, exactly one year ago today. Little did I know back then that blogging would become one of my favorite occupations, from posting and commenting to......drum roll, giveaways.

That's right, my friends. It's time for Granny Sue's One-Year Blogiversary Giveaway, and I intend to make participating worth your while. (Consider it payback!) After all, last August I had no idea how many of you I would come to know and love through your beautiful, poignant, funny, sensitive, spiritual, zany, thought-provoking, revealing and greatly esteemed posts. Now that I fully appreciate the blogging community (especially my little corner of it), I want to express that appreciation––and this giveaway seems like the best way to do that.

Consequently, here are the five prizes available:

1. a custom poem for the special occasion of your choice
2. a signed copy of my book entitled, "At the End of Your Rope, There's Hope" (Deseret Book)
3. a freshly-burned CD of my favorite personal iTunes mix
4. a set of magnets from Junky Heirloom
5. a set of note cards from Cheeky Cards

What could be better?? (If numerous possibilities leap to your mind, let me amend my question to read, "What could be free-er?".)

Here's the deal: Your name will go into the drawing one time for each of the following four actions:

1. leaving a comment on this post telling me which category of last year's posts you prefer (ex. spiritual, family-related, birthday tributes, poetry, holiday, general musings, reviews, etc.)
2. following my blog (or becoming a follower if you haven't already)
3. putting my loverly Sue's News, Views 'n Muse button on your blog (or already having it there)
4. linking to this giveaway on your blog

In other words, your name can be entered as many as four times, considerably improving your chances of winning a prize. (Oh, and be sure to mention in your comment how many of the four things you have done, so that I will know how many times to enter your name.)

Good luck to all of you, with a special thanks to each valued visitor for reading my random ramblings. Your interest provides a big part of my motivation, and your comments make this whole blogging business feel more like a conversation. A highly enjoyable one!


PS. The contest will officially close at 11:59 pm this Sunday (the 9th), with all five winners announced on Monday morning, August 10th.


KC Mom said...

Congratulations!! You have really been successful at blogging and I've learned so much from you and about you.
My favorite category is "general musings". AND, I would LOVE to win your prizes!!

Momza said...

Isn't it wild how fast times flies when you're doing something you love?

SO neat!
Congratulations! I enjoy reading your blog very much!

karen said...

I'm so glad I found your blog - I enjoy coming here so much every day! My favorite type of post? Depends on what's going on with me, but in general I like your general musings. There are days when your spiritual posts lift me up, and I always like your poetry, and the glimpses into your family. I am a follower, and your button is proudly beaming on my blog. I'm going to link my blog to this post right now! I love giveaways!

em said...

ok, i'll try not to get my hopes up, and even though i would love to win EACH and EVERY item on your giveaway i can't help the dreaming of a personal mix in my cd player from sue! oh, how it would be! really, i would just LOVE it. i love your american idol posts. does that count under "GENERAL MUSINGS?" i'm not sure where it goes, but those are my favorite. were they last year? just in case they were only this year i'll add in an extra. my second fav were your spiritual thoughts on all of the prop 8 things. i always think of the picture you posted of the large and spacious building. anyway, those are my favs! you are already buttoned to my sidebar, i've been a follower for it feels like forever, here is my handy dandy comment, and i'll for sure link you to my post today. wish me luck, ooooo i hope i win!

Carolyn said...

Count me in!

Lisa said...

love love love your blog and all your comments regarding your family and your views on "stuff" (politics, AI, etc) Love your comments on my blog too! You know I follow you! and have your button. Now for my favorite category? I love them all like I said, but I do love your spiritual musings, it makes me think.

Heather Anderson said...

WOW! One year... and I like your Bday post but I know they are a pain for you. hehe I also like the ones about the gradkids, of course:)

Fiauna said...

I love, Love, LOVE your beautiful poetry. Oh, and I'm grabbing your button.

I personally have felt so blessed to find your blog. You've been a great inspiration to me. Thank you for you blog friendship.

jen said...

I don't feel like I can add anything new here in the comments section. I completely agree with Em--love the AI discussions. What about Paula's formal announcement yesterday? We'll see where this goes . . .
But, quite frankly, the best part about your blog for me is how I've found a friend. From your posts and your poetry to your comments on our pages, you are a true friend, kind and compassionate. Thank you.
And I've had your button for ages, I'm a follower, and I'm linking as soon as I hit enter~

Karen said...

I love it all! IF I really had to pick it would be when you blog about your family. The love just comes thru.

I have the button and I am pretty sure I am a follower (if not I will be soon) and I will put this on my blog (if you are counting that is 4.)

McAuliffe Bunch said...

My favorite category is General musings, but somedays spiritual is my favorite. As I like to share things about my family, I also like to see what is going on in other families, so I do like that. But, as a general rule, I do like General musings best!

McAuliffe Bunch said...

I am also a follower.

VK said...

General Musings and the way you build up qualities of family members so effortlesly are always favorites of mine.
Your poetry is beautifula dn you have such a picturesque way with words and expressing your love of the Gospel that I can't choose which I like the best.
I've enjoyed getting to know you through this blog.

Rebecca Talley said...

I just found your blog--looks great. Wish I could write poetry.

Miss Molly said...

Pick me!! I picked you!!

Miss Molly said...

whoops. i guess i should read through all the rules. I LOVE your spiritual/insightful posts. You do indeed have a way with words.

Joyful Noise said...

I sure thought I had made a comment the other day - but now I don't see it so it must just be one of those things that I meant to do....

I like everything that you write. Especially your spiritual insights, musings and thought and reviews on SYTYCD and Idol.

I am already a follower, but can only be entered twice since I do not have a blog to post links to your blog...Maybe someday when I have time to sit down and write instead of just to read...

Debbie Nowland

Tiffany said...

I just discovered your blog. Your posts are very well written. As soon as I leave my comment I will mark it as one to follow. I wrote poetry back when I was in college, haven't since. You have inspired me to return to attempting it again.

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