Thursday, August 6, 2009

So You Think You Can Decide?!

Q: Who should win So You Think You Can Dance this year?
A: I have absolutely no idea!

I do, however, think that Evan should NOT win. Much as I love his personality and his Broadway style, he is just not as versatile as the other dancers.

Perhaps Brandon is the best overall dancer, with Jeanine a close second and Kayla an even closer third. But I wasn't even sure enough of this order to vote. That's right. You heard me. I didn't vote. Because I like them all so much that I couldn't really decide who deserves to win. Except that Evan probably shouldn't.

I was going to say that I hope viewers with a clear preference will have voted on talent rather than personality, but even that may not be a good rule of thumb. Personality is very much part of the package in dancing, because it informs not only the way a person moves but how that person chooses to express that movement. In other words, it's a spiritual thing, and one's spirit is inextricably linked to one's personality. Which means that superlative dancing is a fine blend of technique and personality, both.

No wonder I couldn't vote! It's understandable, given the talent multiplied by personality quotient of the final four, yet quite unprecedented. And a little disappointing. I always like to have a say in things, especially outcomes. But that's because I usually know what outcome I want.

Last night, I simply had no idea.


PS. My favorite performance was the Mia Michaels number with Kayla and Jeanine peeling their layers. That whole concept really appealed to me. (By the way, did you notice that Nigel made a couple of borderline sexually inappropriate comments last night? At least, they made me wince a bit.) Both remarks followed dances featuring Jeanine, and you could tell she was uncomfortable too. This isn't the first time he's crossed the line, and old Nigel should exercise a little more restraint in the future.

PPS. Other favorites were Brandon's and Jeanine's solos, Brandon and Kayla's hopping pirouettes, and Brandon and Jeanine's paso doble. (Looks like Brandon and Jeanine have a bit of an edge here, right?) But I do LOVE Kayla.

So You Think You Can Decide?
Not me. Indecision is my SYTYCD nemesis.
This year, anyway.


Prediction? Jeanine or Brandon
Slight (and maybe my own) hope? Kayla

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karen said...

I have to say that these four finalists have been my faves in the short time I've been watching. I'm with you: I love Evan, but he's definately in a niche. Brandon seems to be more versatile. (And did you see his solo last week or the week before?? I'm still fanning myself!) But my favorite of the girls (and it's almost a tie) is Kayla. I think that girl can do anything, and she's so elegant. Jeanine is very smokey and sultry though, and I love her style as well. I really could be happy with either. Darn you Sue - now you've got ME hooked!

NBlake said...

I think Brandon is the best dancer, but I really like Jeanine's emotion...either of these would be fine with me. Kayla's lines are the best of the two girls, but she somehow feels a little distant.

Evan, although very nice, is not as versatile and skilled as the other three, so I hope he doesn't win. He does seem to have a lot of fans, though!

Sue said...

I loved Kayla, but she never was as popular with the viewers as she deserved to be, imho. I think she was basically a victim (like Will was last year) of the judges having made too many superlative comments about her. The viewers want to make their own decisions, and when the judges try to hard sell someone, voters seem to back off.

Brandon and Jeanine were good, too, though, and I'm happy for Jeanine and thought she was a gracious winner.

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