Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tradition Is a Golden Thread

Tradition is a golden thread

that binds our lives together.

It weaves through every memory

and whispers of forever.

It shines a light on every face,

adds luster to the commonplace,

reminds us of a distant song,

and lets us know that we belong.

It wraps around us in the cold,

warms every heart, both young and old,

sustains us through the storm and strife,

infuses meaning into life...

And lets us know that we are one.

Our family lasts forever.

Tradition is the golden thread

that binds our souls together.

the(re is no) end

And Carli seems to get that...



Natalie said...


"The(re is no)End"....ohhhhh that's good stuff! :)

Fiauna said...

I love it (as usual). So inspiring.

KC Mom said...

Oh, that was so great. I loved "The(re is no) End", too.
Thank you for sharing your talent once again with us.

Jill said...


McAuliffe Bunch said...

I love how you put this together. Wonderful!

jen said...

How deep does your soul run? I can't imagine!
Thanks for sharing your family with us!

Joyful Noise said...

Beautiful! I totally agree with Jen - how deep does your soul run? I love following your blog and I gain inspiration from you with every post.
Debbie rmm

karen said...

It's a feel-good every day, I'm tellin' ya!

em said...

thank goodness for traditions. they are definately warming to the soul. can't wait for this holiday season to get started. no "oh holy night" before december, don't forget;-) i know you won't!!!

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