Sunday, August 2, 2009

Coming Home to the Temple

This beach trip was one of the best ever, partly because of what we did on our last day there. Our family (and much of my husband's extended family) gathered at the Newport Beach temple to perform the sealing ordinance for my husband's deceased parents. Following that beautiful moment, we were then privileged to witness the sealing of my husband to his parents for eternity. As he said in that elegant, sacred room afterward, "I felt like we were just sort of floating until now." If that's true, then yesterday we definitely came home.

How fortunate we are for temple blessings. As I watched my husband kneel at the altar to receive the ultimate of these, first as proxy for his father and then as himself, I was reminded of our own sealing so many years ago. The look on his face was much the same, and I couldn't help reflecting upon my love for him and all he stands for in my life and the lives of my children. I am grateful, every day, that I had enough sense to marry this loyal and loving man. And I'm even more grateful that I get to keep him!



Momza said...

When you're with the love of your life, eternity doesn't seem long enough.

Carolyn said...

What a perfect way to end your family vacation.

em said...

i've always wanted to go to that one!

karen said...

There's nothing quite like knowing you can walk through eternity beside the amazing man who is your soul mate. It makes me feel soooo lucky to have that blessing. What a nice way to end a great week.

Karen said...

What a fitting way to end a family reunion with the promised blessing of an eternal family. Your week in Newport looks like lots of fun, sun and family.

Thanks for the letting me use the poem. :)

Heather Anderson said...

It was a perfect end to a wonderful week.

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