Thursday, August 13, 2009

Anatomy of a Bedside Table

My friend (Fiauna) came up with a fun little game on her blog yesterday, one that I thoroughly enjoyed. As a direct result, I will now duplicate her creative notion (flagrantly, but with the greatest respect and no small amount of deference) by showing you the exciting items presently inhabiting the bedside tables of my husband and myself. I begin with HIS:

Here lies... the usual clock radio; 1 bottle of water atop a coaster inscribed, "Grow old with me; the best is yet to be" (as engraved by the hubby on my wedding band nearly 37 years ago); The Miracle of Forgiveness and Gospel Principles, "go-to" manuals for any YA ward bishop (note the remote on top, indicating which was used most recently!); phone (d'ya think I want it on MY side of the bed?!); treasure box with seldom-used journal and lovely, accompanying pen inside; and standard-issue tissue box. (Standard-issue tissue. I like that!)

And now for my OWN treasures: Seek and ye shall find nary one book! (I only read sitting up, in my favorite chair.) However, you will find some lemon verbena foot lotion; a tray which is supposed to be for my glasses but ends up holding 1/4 of a blood pressure tablet, just in case; a self-styled, velvet pen holder; a small but sufficiently noisy traveling alarm clock; a unique little box holding 3 pewter hearts, a silver necklace, and whatever forgotten earring may have poked me in the night and needed a quick home; four yummy, clove-scented candles (I'm a sucker for cloves); a plaque my sister gave me that says, "Little by little time goes by, short if you sing, long if you cry. Note by note, life's music plays on, songs ever changing but never gone"; (observe the semi-colon placement, heehee...of course, a comma would have been placed inside the quotes)...and a pen and notepad for nocturnal inspiration. Oh yes, and my own standard-issue tissues, cleverly disguised in a rather feminine-looking treasure chest.

Thanks, Fiauna! I think you may have invented a new meme. Anyone else care to give it a go on their blog?



Heather Anderson said...

intresting... it really does say a lot about you:_

Fiauna said...

My husband loved that post, especially reading all the comments. It really does say a lot about a person, doesn't it?

Lisa said...

what a fun post... and I love the saying.. you may see it on my Wednesday wisdom. Thanks for all your comments! thank goodness I can always count of Sue!

Jill said...

I never knew there was such a thing as an eye glass tray. I need to find one for my night stand.

Seeing your night stands makes me want to see your room. How about it?

karen said...

Your nightstand is so neat and orderly. Wait'll you see mine. I'm amazed I don't knock things off in the night. Fun little peek into your life!

Carolyn said...

What a fun meme!

Karen said...

I might be a little embarrassed to show my untidy, overflowing nightstand...I will have to ponder if red faces can be seen over the internet.

PS - my word if pitiful - is that a sign?

em said...

when i first started dating sean i was reading "the miracle of forgiveness." i had always heard everyone rant and rave about how great it was. having not been a member of the church my whole life i also wasn't aware that it was THE book the bishop recommended when struggling to overcome serious sin. i just thought people with lots of spiritual gusto read it and so i wanted to read it to. anyway, sean told me after we were married that he was a little worried when he saw the 20 yr he was dating reading it, but figured, hey, she must be on the right track, hahahaha.

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