Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Beautiful Blues

the grandsons

the granddaughter

the daughter (aunt) with youngest grandson

the spouse/founder of our beautiful blues legacy, with blue-eyed son

(other two sons got mom's beautiful heavenly hazel eyes)

the close-up

the closer-up

AND...the picture of our youngest son that gave me the idea for this beautiful blues post in the first place



Jill said...

Good looks obviously run in your family. :)

Fiauna said...

Three of my kids got their dad's beautiful blues. And one got his mom's gorgeous greens.

Your family is lovely.

karen said...

Good looking bunch! Love the blue eyes - I've only got one with blue eyes: grandson Matthew. So blue and gorgeous! The others range from hazel to golden brown to dark dark brown. Also gorgeous!

Carolyn said...

We have a blue-eyed legacy too! What a fun post.

em said...

so far my blues haven't been passed on to my child. hopefully our little GIRL (no, we don't know, but i'm crossing my fingers for pink, hehe) will get my blues;-) also, did i ever tell you that my cute friend jackie does know your son. i think they are in the same stake? i'm thinking i told you, but i thought that was so cool and don't want to let it get lost in my brain of "did i tell her?"

Heather Anderson said...

I love looking into those beautiful blues on my kids!

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