Monday, June 1, 2009

On Babies, Birthdays, and Badlands

Am I wrong, or is this one of the cutest pictures ever? I don't know who these little guys are, but I'd like to squeeze them both, individually and collectively. (Then I'd like to take them home and present them to my daughter, whose baby hunger has yet to be satisfied.) Hopefully she'll be soggy-shouldered and sleep-deprived soon!

I had a pretty terrific birthday yesterday, beginning with a touching blog from my sister and ending with a late-night trip-planning session, whose object was the Dakotas (specifically, Mt. Rushmore, the Wind Cave, and Badlands National Park). Usually I don't accompany my husband and second son on their "national park" trips (visiting every single one of these in the country happens to be my going-on-60 guy's bucket list), but this time I've decided to just grab my laptop and go. Judging from past excursions, my aging body may live to regret it, but I seem to have the wanderlust these days. And who knows? Maybe one of their not-so-posh trips will cure me! (Scary afterthoughtor convert me.) Ah well. I'll take my chances...

Any Mt. Rushmore/Badlands/Wind Cave veterans out there with a tip or two for the road? As the only one of our traveling trio who doesn't have to work, it's up to me to plot the gory details. Kind of daunting, but at least I can try to avoid some of the flea-bitten motel fiascos they've encountered in past trips. Oddly, their sole instruction to me was that each place of lodging must have a TV. Apparently, we will be planning our national park trip around the LAKER games. Two questions: 
1. Does this seem incongruous to you?  and 
2. Am I crazy to go with them?


PS. I received a very special birthday gift...two hand-knitted (crocheted?) wash cloths from my mom. Of course, she knows I love using these, but what makes them so meaningful is that she made them for me herself, despite painful arthritis in her hands and fingers. A sweet and selfless gift of love and sacrifice. Thanks again, Mom. 


PS. My mom actually signed up with Blogger so she can comment on posts now. Pretty hip of you, Darlene!


em said...

send some of that baby dust love our way;-)

KC Mom said...

I have been to those places and I'm so glad I went. I can't vouch for good places to stay, as we never did find one. We ended up driving a couple of hours away to get a decent hotel. The scenery is beautiful there, really. I would suggest you find out when the Sturgis motorcyle week is and avoid going during that time. The roads are bumper to bumper with Harley Davidsons and practically naked women. My girls got a real education in immorality the week we went. It's basically a drunken free for all for a week and all the bikers in the country make the pilgramige out there for it. Most of them camp out in tents but they also fill the hotels.
Hike around Devil's's impressive.
Hike (super easy) down to the faces of Mt. Rushmore. You may have to deal with a lot of people as it is pretty touristy there.
The badlands are impressive, but unless you can see them in 15 minutes.
A stop at Wall's Drug is fun. It's a strip of little old fashioned shops right off the highway. A tourist trap...but a fun one.
When we was hotter than Haiti...I don't know if it's always that hot, but even for a Missouri was hot. Prepare for heat and maybe some slow driving times due to tourists. But, just a beautiful part of the country.
If you can make it over to Custer's Last Stand battlefield, that is truly an experience as well.
Those babies are stinkin' precious. I wouldn't mind gooshing on them a bit too!

Momza said...

It's summer! and that means travelling at it's best! Sounds like you're on your way to a great summer! Enjoy!

Natalie said...

I MISSED YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!! OHHHHH the shame of...I am leaving now to hide in the corner for a while. This is exactly what I get for not being around more often lately! UGHHH!

karen said...

My youngest son (see pictures - Scott in Huntington Beach) served his mission there. Beautiful country,b ut KC Mom is right. Avoid Sturgis during the motorcyle extravaganza at all costs. It gets a little dicey then. Have fun - I'd like to see Mt Rushmore on July 4, when they shoot fireworks off of it!

Our family chaos said...

That is the cutest picture of the copy and paste babies. So clever and just darling!

K2cole said...

Have fun!! We are doing Yellowstone this summer and I am like you (is hiking really a vacation?) we will see!!

Glad you had a great B-day - your mom sounds lovely!

Fiauna said...

You're right. That is one of the cutest pictures I've ever seen.

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