Friday, June 19, 2009

Busting Out Some Birthday Bliss for Heather!

I always have an easy time remembering Heather's birthday, because it happens to fall exactly one week after she became my daughter-in-law. Yep, she turned 21 on her honeymoon, just seven days after marrying my son. (Boy, Matt. You kinda robbed the cradle. Not that you were exactly ancient yourself.)

But I digress. The point is this: What a cute couple they were and are! And what a great addition Heather has made to our family. I've posted it before, and I'll post it again. We love her. (Because it's easy!)

Wanna know why it's easy? Well, take a deep breath, because this list of lovable traits is sure to be a long one:

1. Her most valuable characteristic, of course, is her ability to put up with her mother-in-law. (excellent trait)
2. Which brings me to a closely related good quality...allowing said mother-in-law to shamelessly steal photos from her blog to post here! (really, really cute photos)
3. Which in turn leads to this piece of information: Heather is one heck of a good photographer! (and getting better all the time)
4. Heather is also a loyal friend, whose buddies will do almost anything for her. (because she returns the favor)
5. What's more, she brings her pals together by instigating mom-run groups like "Music Makers" and other group activity days. (yep, natural-born leader, organizer, and uniter)
6. Her creativity is off the charts, which shows itself in her home. (and in my grandchildren)
7. She is known as a motivated doer of challenging things, including running a half marathon recently and opting three times for natural childbirth. To say nothing of:
8. Giving us three beautiful babies despite the fact that pregnancy literally makes her sick as a dog...
9. Making the best enchiladas ever, on demand...
10. And, of course, taking care of Matt. (just kidding on the challenge quotient of that last one, Matt) heehee
11. Best of all, she is pretty much up for anything (any good thing, that is...)
12. And she actually loves our crazy family!

What could be better than a daughter-in-law like Heather? Not much...And she is gorgeous besides. And knows sign language well enough to teach it. (very cool) And likes the beach even better than we do! She even likes May I, LAKER basketball (well, sort of), and Circletime!! (Which just about says it all.)

Besides, it's her birthday, and she has better (and waaaay more fun) things to do than spend half of it reading the world's longest list of tributes (even when they are in technicolor!).

So just go out and have the best birthday ever, Heather, because you deserve it! That's why every single one of us wishes we were there to take you out to a yummy dinner, sing an embarrassingly loud version of happy birthday in several different keys, give you a great big group hug, and say:




Kristin said...

Heather is great. Hope she's having the best birthday ever!

NBlake said...

Love you, Heather! Have a great birthday and have some chocolate!

Natalie said...

Happy Birthday Heather!

Sue said...

Oh, she'll be having some chocolate, all right. Dave and I sent her a chocolate mousse torte cake!

In fact, she's had a great day, which she spent with all of her girlfriends at a spa taking mud baths and the like. For the last couple of hours, unbeknownst to her, Matt has been at home cooking dinner for her: lobster, filet mignon, and a shrimp pasta with several kinds of cheeses in the cream sauce. She is going to be in heaven for sure!


Heather Anderson said...

I did have a most wonderful birthday thanks to all my amazing family and friends! Reading this was the perfect way to end a perfect day. Thanks for the birthday shout out and the YUMMY chocolate cake!

em said...

i need new inlaws. i want to keep my husband. i just want new inlaws. anyway we could work that out? maybe you adopt my husband and then it would work?

Laura said...

Your awesome Heather. Glad to see someone else noticed!

Sue said...

Em...Would we get a piece of the pork loin, too?


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