Saturday, June 27, 2009

Words to Inspire the Human Mind

Isn't it interesting how the Lord so often prepares us for the lessons He sends our way? Yesterday I was inspired to write about light and the sharing of it. Not an hour later, while visiting Segullah (one of my favorite places), I received a hearty and heartening dose of light from Michelle's beautiful post regarding the recent death of her mother.

If you do not read her exquisite words and thoughts from start to finish, including the link within the body of her essay to this earlier post of hers, you will have missed one of the premiere reading experiences I've had in recent years. (I do suggest that you read the earlier post first in order to feel the full impact.)

Lest any comment of mine detract from its pure loveliness, I will leave you to enjoy this gift for yourself.



NBlake said...

Beautiful... the older I get, the more I realize that we are all - mothers, daughters, wives, sisters and friends - here struggling with our own imperfections and challenges, for the most part just trying to do and be the best that we can. We all appreciate the ones in our lives that love us in spite of our imperfections, and even more, because of them and the challenges they bring. It all comes down to perspective, and we get to choose that ourselves. When I choose to enjoy the people I love for all the good things that they bring into my life, my heart floods with love, appreciation and understanding for them each and every time. Thanks for the reminder to choose wisely.

karen said...

That was a wonderful reminder. We (I) can be so impatient and judgemental, when it would be just as easy to show some compassion and understanding. I don't know why it's so hard to do the right thing, but for some reason it is. I will try harder. Because I'd hate to run out of time - my own or anyone else's.