Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer's Here. I'm for That.

Summer's here. I'm for that.

Got my rubber sandals. Got my straw hat.

Got my [root ] beer. I'm just glad that it's here.

It's my favorite time of the year. And I'm glad that it's here.   
- James Taylor (slightly censored)

Okay, unlike James Taylor, summer is NOT my favorite time of the year. But it IS the time when my agapanthas begin to bloom, and these photos are nothing (blossom-wise) to what July will bring. So I look forward to that!

Another of the very best things about summer is my summer playlist. I make a new one each year to take to our beach house family reunion in Newport Beach, and this year is no exception. I will be sharing this blissful list with you tomorrow, so I hope you'll be back to discover some of the greatest summer tunes ever! (If you've already discovered a few of them, you can just nod your enthusiastic endorsement of my choices...)



Momza said...

a summer house in Ca? You are living the dream sister. wow. and those purple flowers are gorgeous! I used to see them all the time when we visited Moorpark, CA.

jen said...

Number one reason to live in CA: you can grow the most exquisite kinds of flowers.
Don't think that's enough to make me move there, but I'm sure looking forward to San Diego next week!

Jill said...

I'm looking forward to your playlist tomorrow!

Sue said...

I'd agree that we're living the dream when we go to Newport Beach, but the beach house doesn't belong to us. Wish it did!! We just rent the same one for a week every year...right on the boardwalk.



Lisa said...

I miss CA, but mostly in the winter because in the Bay Area it is 70degrees ALL YEAR ROUND!!! LOVE agapanthus almost as much as hydrangeas

KC Mom said...

We FINALLY got summer here. The last few days have been HOT. I haven't spent too much time outside but I'm really glad for the heat finally. Although, I'm sure I'll be ready for fall here in about a week and a half. ;)

em said...

so excited it's finally here:-)

karen said...

*tappin' my toes* Yeah, I like your music choices! I love summer. I'm looking forward to all kinds of summer fun with the little ones in another week! Newport Beach on the boardwalk - it doesn't get much better than that any time of year!

Katie Blacker said...

got my first sunburn (we all know, i don't tan :) today cuz summer is here! ye ha!

anders21 said...

Sure can't wait for the summer playlist.

Heather Anderson said...

I LOVE summer")

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