Thursday, June 11, 2009

Touring the Valley of the Shadow of Death (YIKES!)

A guy in a Harley took this pic of us. (Can you guess where we are?)

No, we’re not at the Grand Canyon; it just looks that way.

Canyons, canyons everywhere!

Help, we’re surrounded on all sides.

Rock formations in every direction…until finally….

The road stretches out in front of us.

(Until it starts curving again, of course…)

Down, down, down we go.

Through another herd of rock formations…

Till we officially bottom out. Sea level.

And boy, is it level. (Or should I say "flat"? Salt flat, that is.)

The Museum/Visitor’s Center beckons.

And we are steered in the direction of Scotty’s castle, aka the Death Valley Ranch.

Pretty cool joint, built in the 1920’s, old Spanish style.

The great room (and it is...great, I mean)...

With its amazing fireplace...

And magnificent chandelier.

Check out the antique Spanish chairs and custom made Italian stoneware.

Quite a kitchen sink, eh, amigo?

Partial view of the courtyard and bell tower from upstairs.

The marvelous music room.

Note the hand-worked ceiling beams and awesome family crests.

Yet another view of the music room. The tile is exquisite.

I love this antique piece!

And this spiral staircase to the courtyard.

My good-looking son and the old dinner bell (an appropriate pairing).
Bye, Scotty’s Castle. Out in the middle of nowhere, but very cool.

More of Death Valley tomorrow, then full speed ahead for the Channel Islands (Santa Cruz, to be specific).


Natalie said...

Now that is too cool!!!! Beautiful!

em said...

i covet that staircase. maybe sean will build me one someday. his grandpa built his grandma a fireplace. i hold sean to those crafty abilities;-)

KC Mom said...

I am in LOVE with that castle. I had no idea that was there. It looks like you picked a great time to visit there...not too hot!

Fiauna said...

I've got to get to that castle some day. So gorgeous!

K2cole said...

Wow!! What a house!! I wonder who in the world had the time, money and idea for a house in the hottest place in the country!!

karen said...

You're going to all kinds of places that I've never been to, and now want to see. Great pictures, and what a beautiful house!

Kristin said...

I need to go to that creepy/weird/COOL castle!

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