Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Fourth of July Advent Activity

Have you ever beheld the amazing and talented Maira Kalman's mostly wondrous blog in the New York Times? If not, you should visit. Today. (I may not always agree with her politics, but I will always agree with her talent.) 

It's no exaggeration to say that the woman is an artist in every sense of the word.  And this week, in the smart and quirky way that only she can, Maira writes and draws about Thomas Jefferson...providing an excellent way to kick off this weekend's Fourth of July celebration.

Don't miss it. Really.



karen said...

That was amazing! As a sulky 14 year old I had he opportunity to tour the US historical sites when we briefly lived on the east coast. Monticello is a memory that will always stand out - it's a beautiful peaceful place. I'd love to go there again. And there are few historical figures I'd like the chance to meet more than Thomas Jefferson.

KC Mom said...

OOh, I need to go check that out. I actually just received a book from Amazon today by Georgetta Heyer. Since you recommended her I thought I'd give her a try!

Fiauna said...

Thank you for letting me in on her delightful blog. She's truly and inspiration.

Carolyn said...

Great tip! I'm on my way.

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