Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Which Way Is the Wind Blowing?

March has arrived, along with the winds that blow me back to my growing-up years in Southern California. This poem grew from a fun memory of my childhood love for those sometimes windy days:

I've posted the words below and apologize for the print above being somewhat illegible. (I wanted to use Ron Hodgdon's original illustration from Clubhouse Magazine, so my only option was to scan it in, as I didn't have a copy.)

©1992, Susan Noyes Anderson, Clubhouse Magazine
Illustrated by Ronald Hodgdon, Creative Arts

One time the wind was very strong.
It blew and blew like crazy.
So I just let myself go limp,
like when I’m feeling lazy.
And can you guess what happened?
It held me up so neat!
Like I was laying on my bed
while standing on my feet!


karen said...

I remember being much smaller than I am now and thinking that the wind could hold me up. Yes, wind was much more fun back then!

jen said...

I remember growing up in Southern Idaho where the wind really knows how to blow. My brother and I would pretend we were lost and it was a hurricane or tornado and we were forced to walk against the wind. Funny the things you remember!

Unknown said...

HA! That's so cute. My husband is actually out there right now...he's supposed to be golfing at Pebble Beach. Only with all the wind and rain....they've been sitting in their room. ;)

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic poem!

Darlene said...

This is one of my favorites. I remember when you wrote it.

Fiauna said...

What a fun poem. Reminds me of childhood.