Saturday, March 13, 2010

Solace in the Sea

If life is art, brush all my days
in colors of the sea.
The symphonies of gull and wave
lull cares away from me.

When thought is caught in city haze,
when songs of hope grow faint,
the steady rhythm of the ocean
soothes my soul’s complaint.

Sea sights and sea sounds weather well,
like sunlight in the heart––
warming and uplifting every
sacred, inner part.

My son brought several friends down to spend the night with us and hang out in Santa Cruz this weekend. With his public accounting busy season just ending, he needed a beach fix! (As evidenced by my new poem, I strongly relate to this need.)


PS. My Relief Society lesson tomorrow is on The Creation. I am grateful for what is surely one of the Lord's most stirring accomplishments...the ocean!


Em said...

yay for the book of moses!

jen said...

Good luck on your lesson. I'm teaching next week. Any insights on the Fall?

karen said...

I'd love to hear your lesson - I'm sure it will be beautiful, especially after spending time with the ocean in Santa Cruz! That sounds soooo lovely.

Momza said...

I was born and raised in Miami, Florida. The ocean sounds still ring in ears and I miss it so much.
There's nothing more calming to my physical being than lying on the shore, listening to the waves hit the shore...heavenly.
We're trying to plan a CA trip this summer to Anaheim and Santa Barbara to see hubby's family.
I hope we get to go.
Beautiful poem.

Darlene said...

Great poem, Sue. I too love the ocean, but, unlike you, I can only be there about three days before I start having problems. I need the dry air of the desert. You, however should always be a short drive from the beach, any beach. Santa Cruz is absolutely lovely, so perhaps you should just retire right where you are. Everything there is perfect for you. Not too hot, not too cold, close to ocean, and, of course, close to San Francisco! What could be better for you? I can tell you that I wish you could find all of those things a little closer to me.

CB said...

Hey I was born and raised in San Jose and lived for a time in Boulder Creek! Many happy memories of Santa Cruz and we still visit every once in awhile:D

Beautiful poem and the picture reminds me of the new turquoise room I want. I love the ocean it truly does feed the soul.

Anonymous said...

I've missed so much. I loved spending the evening catching up. Beautiful.