Friday, March 12, 2010

A Messy Kitchen Is A Sign of Happiness!

We had a little "welcome to the ward" dinner last night at our house
for the dynamic group of young adults pictured below.

Pretty good-looking group, huh?
Fascinating company, too.

It would be safe to say that they had good appetites.
(Our artichoke chicken fusilli went over BIG.)

See my empty chair next to the bishop?
I was in the kitchen cleaning up a pretty crazy mess.

When he cooks this special pasta dish, he dirties
nearly every dish in the entire house.

Even messier than Thanksgiving dinner!
But oh, so delicious.

Thanks for coming, everyone!



jen said...

So many new! Your ward must be huge!

Unknown said...

Ha! When my mom was newly married her mother in law told her she was the messiest cook she'd ever known.
But her food rocks!!
I love that you had getting to know you activity!

karen said...

Wow. I want some... I know what you mean about the messy kitchen. LaMar loves to cook and he's a cupboard door opener. You can tell when he's in the kitchen because EVERY drawer and EVERY cupboard or pantry door is wide open! But delicious aromas and flavors abound!

Lisalulu said...

So GREAT of you. As I read this I said a little prayer for my youngest that the ward she lives near will reach out to her! I'm sure ALL the moms of your YAdults Thank you!!!!

larainydays said...

What a fun welcoming home you have.

moana said...

My girls came home raving about the pasta and what a great evening it was. Thanks, from a mom. Is there a recipe to share?

Susan Anderson said...

My culinarily-inclined husband doesn't use a recipe, but here's what's in it: chicken chunks, garlic, olive oil, sundried tomatoes, atrtichokes, mushrooms, parmesan cheese and fusilli pasta. He just sort of eyeballs it and then keeps tasting as he goes along...

It's pretty foolproof, actually.

I'm glad they had fun, Moana. So did we!


Darlene said...

I just got finished cleaning our kitchen after a long day. Neither of us has even had a chance to use the computer. We are expecting Rich and Sean any minute. It is 9:30. This morning I think we dirtied every pan in our kitchen. Dick worked with one big one and I did the other. First I made a cheesecake and then we both made
shrimp and chicken gumbo. What a big mess it makes, but it's oh so worth it in the end. They just came so.....

Susan Anderson said...

I sure wish I were there for some of your gumbo, Mom. That is yummy stuff!


Em said...

i always know we've had a good party when my kitchen is a wreck;-)

Jess said...

That looks delicious- it seems the hubsbishop is a good cook even if he is messy

And your dinner party looks like it was a hit!

Caroline said...

I've always wondered how people can cook and yet their kitchens look immaculate. My kitchen becomes a disaster even when i make something seemingly simple.
And, the artichoke chicken fusilli sounds amazing and looks delicious. Looks like you had one happy crowd and a very warm and welcoming atmosphere (I wouldn't imagine it any other way in your home).