Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Checklist! Who Sez I'm Feckless?

Hurray! I just finished writing my annual Christmas poem, which has permanently replaced the way-less-personal cards I used to lovingly select in the early days of our marriage. In fact, for the past 15 years or so, I have penned my own (rather lengthy) creation that includes two verses detailing the activities of––or roasting, as the case may be––each family member, with a few extra stanzas thrown in to celebrate the season in general. I have to admit that, as our family grows, the poem is getting more difficult to write...and considerably harder to fit on one page. (Last year, I was reduced to 9-point Skia font to make it all fit.)

So I guess I will have to call a moratorium on marriages and births in our growing family. (Fat chance of my doing that!) One thing's for sure. The next time one of these glorious events occurs, I'll have no choice but to spill the verses over to the back page. Which, kidding aside, I will do with great joy.

Now all I have to do is finish writing the Christmas Eve story; replace my tens of turkeys, pilgrims, and faux autumn leaves with my hundreds of santas, snow globes, stockings, and nativity scenes (to say nothing of the tree); and get my shopping done. The baking, I will gladly leave to my mother.

And if she ever comes to her senses and stops doing it (she's usually half-crippled the next day), then I will seek out excellent bakeries and flat-out purchase the goods. (Just kidding, Mom, I promise at the very least to bake pumpkin bread and cookies...) *sigh*

Assuming I can get my nearly brand new oven to work, that is. (What does it take to get Kitchen Aid to admit they've sold you a lemon?!)

But that's a whole other post, isn't it?



Amy said...

I think poetry is a lost art, and I love that you flaunt it so widely! And thank you so much for the reminder to get my Christmas cards written.

karen said...

I think it's amazing that you can come up with a new poem every year! Maybe you'll share it with us? Your list is as long as mine. It always seems daunting until I just plunge in and start. But trying to bake with a tempermental oven? That's rough. You could try talking nice to it... you know, a little flattery about it's lovely color and its hot hot temperature. It might help.

Fiauna said...

It's a good thing you have such talent and energy. I'm sure you'll get it all done with time to spare for a relaxing bubble bath.

KC Mom said...

Can I be in your family?
I hope you had a great Thanksgiving...I was out of commission and missed out!

Sue said...

Sure, why not? The more the merrier, right? (But you might be disappointed in the food...)


Darlene said...

I do love your Christmas poems Sue, but it really puts the preasure on me to do mine. Dick thinks I should always do them too, just because you do. I'm glad I don't have to write about everyone though anymore. At least there are just the two of us.

As for baking, never fear, I am starting the serious stuff next week. We are making 36 Danish tea rings this month and since one batch only makes six, we will be pretty busy just doing that.

Having said that, we are looking forward to the annual Christmas story. I will be glad when you get them all published in one book. When is that going to happen? Then everyone can read them.

Sue said...

I thought you guys weren't going to make the tea rings this year. Remember how it much it wore you out last time? Looks like you are gluttons for punishment. (We, on the other hand, are just gluttons for your amazing tea rings.)

Seriously, though, I do worry about you. Try not to overdo, okay?


VK said...

One more thing for the list. So much to do, so little time.

jen said...

Sue, I've missed your humor and wisdom. So glad I'm back, and I look forward to sharing your holidays with you through your words. Happy holidays!

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