Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas: Glimpses of Eternity

What else, in truth, must heaven be?
Little Bryce on Grandpa's knee
Family gathered 'round the tree
Glimpses of eternity

Merry Christmas!

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Amy said...

That certainly is a glimpse of eternity Beautiful.

alpinekleins said...

Merry Christmas Sue (shush . . . what you still doing up??)

Hope you have a wonderful day, enjoy each moment with your family :)


Joyful Noise said...

Beautiful! Perfectly said!!!!

Merry Christmas

Debbie Nowland rmm

karen said...

Beautiful thought - Merry Christmas, Sue!

Unknown said...

I live for those glimpses. Had a few around here this year. ♥

Lisalulu said...

beautiful... what a family.. must be wonderful for ALL of you.. Love you and what you are for your family.. something for all of us to aspire to.. Thank you for all your beautiful words ..for your writings and your friendship and help you give me, Merry Christmas

Fiauna said...

So lovely. Hope you had a merry Christmas.