Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Triumphs and Tributes, Canadian and American

Joannie Rochette is my new Olympic idol. At a time when life's road is feeling a bit steeper than usual to me, this girl sends an irrefutable message that all of us can do hard things and do them well. Courage and good old human spirit are alive and thriving in all of us; sometimes we just need a little refresher course. Thanks, Joannie, for giving it last night. Lesson taken.

As for my new American Idol, Crystal Bowersox knocks my socks off. Period. I am already a fan, a BIG fan, and I hope this girl goes all the way.

There's one more girl young mother that makes me proud niece, Kristin. She's going home from the hospital this morning, perhaps carrying the sweetest baby ever, if his numbers are right. Oh, she'll be going back again and again as they begin to address all of his health problems, and he will have to be one brave little boy as he combats them, but he will also be one lucky little boy...because she is his mom. Sullivan's mom is going to be the best friend and advocate a child could have, and his dad will be right in there supporting him, too. They are a great family, and I'm proud to be part of their crew.

One final tribute goes out to The Sweet Tooth Fairy, a favorite haunt of Stephanie Nielson's. Her avid support for their VaNIElla squared (and other) cupcakes, and the fact that these tasty treats consistently seem to cheer and nurture her through tough times, inspired me to order a dozen to be delivered to Kristin in the hospital. What amazing people those Sweet Tooth Fairy helpers are to deal with––and unfailingly kind on the phone, despite the fact that I wanted their sweet stuff delivered from Provo to Salt Lake City. But that was only the icing on the cupcake, so to speak. Once the delivery guy arrived at the hospital, he was told point-blank that my niece was not there. Instead of giving up like any other self-respecting delivery guy would do, this young man hunted all over the place, went out of his way to contact me, and ended up waiting around the hospital for 45 minutes while I frantically phoned, fretted, and finally straightened out a number of miscommunications that could easily have derailed my plans. What a guy! You are another one of my heroes, John, for understanding how important it was for me to be able to touch my niece's life in some tangible way. (And by the way, the unsolicited review of my family members is that these cupcakes are literally the best thing they have ever had the privilege of tasting!)

Props to Joannie, Crystal, Kristin, and Craig (as well as John, Macy and Brittany at Sweet Tooth Fairy), who have made me feel good about not only them, but ALL of us.

Now, THAT'S a gift!



As Sistas in Zion said...

Love Olympics time! It's always an event with messages and examples of unity, hardwork, and hope!

jen said...

Love your examples today. That skate last night left my whole family in tears, including my 17-year-old. I was so proud of her, and watching her dad sob was gut-wrenching.
More prayers to Kristin and her family.

karen said...

I've been touched every day by one athlete or another at the Olympics. Amazing group of people. And the Sweet Tooth Fairy Bakery IS awesome! I had them deliver some goodies to Andrew when he was in the hospital there in Provo and they were very kind, as well as in possession of possibly the world's tastiest treats! I've not had their cupcakes, but plan to do so the next time I'm in Provo! Hope Mommy and Baby are adjusting well.

Jess said...

Thanks for the words of encouragement you sent me today, I really needed them. and what a beautiful baby boy-I 'm sure your sweet gesture was just what they needed

Darlene said...

Darn, we missed Idol last night. I can't believe we did that as we are such great fans. Well, Dick missed it because he was at the church involved in an audit, but I was watching the Olympics and finishing up reading "The Shell Seakers" I have to say I missed seeing most of the Olympics too because I got lost in that book.

As for Kristin being a good example, I would have to agree with you ten times over. She is something else and will be able to handle what ever comes her way as far as Sullivan is concerned. He is just the most adorable baby boy! I can hardly wait to see him in person.

Darlene said...

By the way, those cupcakes do look delicious. I have never tried them but if we ever get back to Provo, we definitely will give them a try. You were pretty lucky to get someone like John as a delivery boy. I'm surprised they would even take on a delivery to Salt Lake.

Just ME the MOM said...

The Sweet Tooth Fairy - sounds like my kind of place! Thanks for the referral. I'll have to stop by soon - they look yummy. I'm normally a huge fan of AI, haven't had time to watch yet this season. . . but I'll be following along with it soon:)


Karen said...

Haven't watched Idol yet - too involved with the Olympics :) But I will tomorrow when folding my mound of laundry!

As for the Canadian skater - WOW!! - I was so impressed with her ability to keep it together. I am sure her mother worked really hard to help her get to the Olympics and watched her from above anyway. Great skating all around.

Lisalulu said...

Thank you for updating us all on the baby&idol&olympics&cupcakes yum

Katie said...

Those cupcakes look AMAZING! Wish I lived in Utah right now ;-)I agree, last night watching the Olympics was inspiring. That poor girl having lost her mother and still landing an amazing performance!

Momza said...

First, can I send you my address for some cupcakes? How awesome are you?!
Second, I cried with Joannie. I have been following her story since last weekend and am so inspired by her strength, I am writing my own post about her.

Fiauna said...

I love Bowersox too. Unfortunately none of the boys even came close, in my opinion.

I have found many uplifting and touching stories in the Olympics this year.

And that sweet baby boy; I hope all is well, or will be soon.

Darlene said...

I agree with Fiauna, we watched Idol last night and I didn't think any of the guys were a standout.

Em said...

ooooohhhhhh how i LOVE a newborn face, especially when there's lots of hair on top!!! so darling:-)

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