Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Fairy Godmother Is Not Coming!

The Fairy Godmother Isn't Coming!

But apparently, the candyman is!

Or the candywoman, at least.

(Actually, the real candywoman is the one in red...
tellin' it like it is.)

The lovely lady in yellow? Her still-a-Laurel sister, helping.

And a very good helper she is, too!

See what I mean?

She kept all that chocolate at a perfect temperature

While the young adults were off doing other things

(Like listening to me shoot off my mouth, as usual.)

We learned that happiness is an inside job,

That a little bit of chocolate never hurt anyone,

That the fairy godmother isn't all she's cracked up to be,

And that, while Prince Charming probably exists,

We don't really need him to rescue us.

All in all, a pretty good night's work...

And a new poem, too...

Happiness Is an Inside Job

If all your world is painted blue,
Then no one else can change your view.
No pretty words or handsome face
Will make your world a brighter place.
It’s you who lives behind those eyes,
And so it should be no surprise
That only you can change the way
You look at life from day to day.
The answers are inside of you.
Don’t kid yourself. It’s time you knew
No other person, groom or bride,
Can change the way you feel inside.
And that’s okay. It’s not alarming.
It doesn’t mean there’s no Prince Charming.
It only means he’s no magician,
And fixing you is not his mission.
Married or not, alone or two…
Your happiness is up to you.


jen said...

Thanks, Sue.
I really appreciated your comment on my blog today.
And if the house across the street ever comes up for sale, I'll call you.
Thanks, my friend~!

KC Mom said...

Amen to the happiness inside us and topping it off with a little chocolate!

Aly said...

I love the poem! It's the truth, and sometimes we forget that! Thank you for sharing!

karen said...

Today is a good day: chocolate, good advice AND a new poem! It looks like you had fun. What were you dipping in chocolate? Was it cake balls, like Bakerella? I've been wanting to try that.

Sue said...

Actually, Karen, they were truffles...on a stick. And VERY yummy.


Darlene said...

As usual, I thought your poem was great, and so true. I try to look at the glass as being half full and when I can manage that, I also manage to feel better. Actually, I am looking at the bright side right now as I go through the pain of losing two more teeth this morning. It can only mean that while I am awaiting the final fix on my lower jaw, even though the pain is awful today. during the next two and a half months, my tongue will not be as sore and in fact my whole mouth will be lots more comfortable while awaiting my implants to heal and my new bridge to be put in.

I also liked your pictures and the candy making process looked like lots of fun. Maybe you can learn to made chocolates??? That lady in your ward makes great ones. Is she the candy lady you refer to?

Kristin said...

Those are so cute - I wanna reach out and take a bite! I finally found some beautiful strawberries at Costco and we've been making chocolate dipped - hope to post photos soon!


Heather Anderson said...

sounds like all your hard work paid off- looks like fun!

Em said...

this post is making me miss serving in the singles ward with sean!!! we had such a great time in that ward when we were first married. i loved having the single students over to our house on sunday nights for "get to know you gatherings." i hope we get to do that again some day:-)

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