Saturday, February 27, 2010

Storms and Rainbows

Looks like you got a birthday rainbow!

A big rainstorm passed through our neck of the woods yesterday. The electricity went out again––par for the course around here when the wind blows hard. I guess there has to be one disadvantage of living in a place with lots of trees, right?

The good news is that the outage only lasted 24 hours. Last time, as you may recall, we were without power for five days and had to throw out the entire contents of our refrigerator. (By the way, the same neighbor who rescued my frozen stuff on that occasion by carrying it in a little red wagon to his own freezer dropped by last night with a lantern for us.) He even offered up their guest room for the evening. What great neighbors we have!

We decided to sleep in our own not-quite-arctic-but-close-enough bedroom, electing to hit the hay early with two comforters piled atop the bed. The idea was that we would talk and laugh late into the night. Instead, I talked...Dave grunted the occasional yes or no...and neither of us had time to laugh before he was sound asleep. That guy works too hard!

Needless to say, I was delighted to wake up and see two small points of light radiating from our cable box. Nothing like losing the comforts of electricity for a few hours to make you realize the value of light and warmth on a cold night.

Yes, indeed, blessings are mine...not the least of which is my daughter, Karin, whose birthday is today. She has always been a rainbow girl, and it makes great sense that one should grace the sky on the day she was born. Happily, the light she shines never goes out, regardless of the weather.

Love you, Beebs.



jen said...

I'm looking for that rainbow today. Why are days like this--up then down. Opposition in all things sometimes just gets in the way! Thanks for pointing out some of the good.

Heather Anderson said...

She is an amazing girl and I am glad ot have her as a sister... Happy Day KARIN!

Jess said...

Rainbows are good reminders to me, of faith and happiness and to just stop, be still and take it in for a minute. It's nice that they follow the storm.

Darlene said...

Karin is indeed a rainbow girl, also a sunflower girl. How I do love that very first granddaughter of mine. I hope she got our card today. I am going to call her later and wish her a Happy Birthday.

I can't believe your power went out again. You need to get a generator. We almost bought one when our power went out so frequently a few years ago, but all of a sudden it stopped doing that. But with the frequency that your goes out, I think it would be at least something you should look in to.

karen said...

So glad your power went on more quickly this time. Aren't rainbows the most miraculous things? I'm looking for ours today... but I think I may have to wait awhile. It's raining so hard here and even hailed a little while ago! Crazy weather.

Katie Blacker said...

Happy Birthday Karin!

p.s. I love the poem & pictures below.

Amy said...

What a great neighbor you have! Reay, he sounds amazing.

I love when the power goes out and I can light candles everywhere. But I know it isn't for everyone. How funny your p;ans didn't quite work out. But it was a great idea.

And the rainbow is beautiful. Happy birthday to your sweet daughter.

*MARY* said...

I get sick to my stomach every time my power goes out because I eat everything in my freezer, and there are usually about 5 cartons of ice cream inside at any given time.

Just ME the MOM said...

Happy Birthday to Karin - and it sounds like a cozy night. Love those times when you have to pile on the comforters and snuggle :) Life could certainly be worse.


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