Tuesday, February 23, 2010


You are probably thinking that self-indulgent whining about sciatica does not a good blog post make, but I'm actually doing you a favor. It was between that and bemoaning the tooth I chipped Sunday night (a bottom, front tooth) whilst eating a pork chop. A pork chop! What are my teeth made of, balsa wood? Sheesh.

Thoughtful blog pal that I am, I didn't want to regale you with the annoying and uncustomary flaws in my last haircut (the back, left side doesn't go in quite right, and the bang that's supposed to sweep sexily across my brow keeps hanging in my eyes) or wail about the fact that I've put on five pounds since New Year's due to stress eating over such things as sciatica, chipped teeth, problematic haircuts and weight gain (yes, weight gain...ironic, isn't it?). Okay, there may have been a few, even weightier things I was stressed about, but most of them aren't/weren't mine to tell.

And so, it's the sciatica. What better symbol for all the things that plague me just now, including the literal and figurative pain in the butt aspect of it? Sciatica. Microcosm of misery. Metaphor for malcontent. Analogy for what ails me. (Okay, I'm even boring myself now...)

Q: Am I surly?
A: Surely.

Yoga, anyone? Tai chi?? My friend Karen may just convert me! Ooooooom, oooooooom.
(Not working yet, but I'll keep ya posted...)

"/ and ;)
(split personality)


Jill said...

Ohhhhhhhh teeth problems are such a trial. After my Mom died my sister actually said, "Well she won't have to go to the dentist anymore!"

The upside, is it should be easy to fix a bottom front tooth. There aren't as many nerve endings in those (compared to the back teeth) so they are easy to numb.

jen said...

Thanks for being human today. I reread your last few posts, and I love the poem from your talk. Wish I could have been there.
I'm glad to hear Baby is doing well. It's always a trip through the valley of the shadow of death when a baby comes (for me, anyway). I hold my breath until they are breathing here on this side of the veil. Hope all continues to be well for him.
And it's okay to complain occasionally. The bad haircut thing would be my worst complaint, I'm afraid!

Karen said...

I am sure YOU are not the pain in the butt! But am sorry you have a pain there! I have the same pain just caused by different issue (teenagers).

Sending you good vibes and hope the yoga thing works out.....


Darlene said...

So sorry to hear about your chipped tooth. For heavens sake don't let the dentist talk you into getting it crowned. Just let him smooth the rough edges. Once they are crowned, there is nothing left except a pointed sliver of a tooth and they deteriorate more rapidly than if you just leave the chip in and forget that it isn't quite the smile you would like. Good thing it isn't on the top!

As for the pain in the butt, join the crowd. Let me know i the yoga works. Wish I could figure out what to do about mine. The cortisone shots in that area just don't work for me anymore. Most people eventually just have to live with it, but if it gets worse, you should go to a pain doctor because that can help for a few years anyway.

So many trials these days for our family.

Momza said...

Growing old has it's perks and problems. My mind is leaking out like a popped bicycle tire these days...I wonder how long it will be before I walk out the door without a bra or mismatched shoes!
The things I have to look forward to!
Hang in there snaggletooth!

Sue said...


Mom, I have a feeling my chipped tooth is pretty much a drop in the bucket of our current family trials.

You are so cute...and such a Mom!

Love you.


Katie Blacker said...

ooo ya, sorry to hear about the chipped tooth. Not fun! Hopefully you can get in with someone to fix it soon. dentist husband will come in handy for these kinds of things...

Jess said...

Sue-sit on a tennis ball, put it right under the spot that hurts. the counter pressure actually relieves the pressure and pain- crazy I know, but it works. I hope you get rid of the pain in your behind soon! And you can just have your tooth smoothed and built up with dental materials instead of a cap as well.

Michelle said...

oh, I have that too. Can't go to movies, driving is torturous, sitting in church is almost unendurable.

I have a chipped tooth too. I like Darlene's advice.

hang in there! xoxo, m

Katie said...

I've had sciatica, its AWEFUL! Sorry you're having to deal with that amongst other things like a chipped tooth and a bad hair cut, LOL...sorry, it's not funny, just your writing is!

Fiauna said...

Sorry to hear about the everyday problems plaguing you. You definitely have the right attitude though. And, yes, sciatica is a major pain in the butt!

Amy said...

Wow, everything is happening at once, isn't it? I hope things start going better, and that pain just leaves your body. As a boot camp guy from some obscure movie once said "*grunt* Pain is just weakness leaving the body. *grunt*." If only that were the truth, hu? I hope you feel better soon.

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