Monday, February 1, 2010

Hiding in Plain Sight

A Study in Ambivalence, Resolved
By Susan Noyes Anderson

ACT I, Paradigm 1

Where's Waldo Squirrel?
Look closely, now.
How artlessly he fades into my tree.

Natural camouflage is a good thing.
Unless you want to stand out in the crowd.

Then you've got to put on a costume,
make a lot of chatter,
or change your environment.

ACT II, Paradigm 2

I wish Waldo squirrel would change environments.
His chums, too.

They're nesting under our solar panels.
Last time, they did us a big favor:
Chewed a hole in our roof and watered our ceiling.
(Oh. That would be two favors.)

ACT III, Paradigm 3

I used to find them charming creatures.
Now I see them for what they really are.

With fluffy tails.
And camo.

By the way, that "fading" thing isn't artless.

It's artful.


jen said...

Reading along, playfully enjoying the prose.
Then BAM
That last cartoon made me laugh out loud.
Still laughing.
Sorry for the inspiration but thanks for the chuckle!

VK said...

You make me laugh. Cute!

Jill said...

Oh yes, squirrels and rats. They are almost in the same category. Both very destructive.

KC Mom said...

Ha! Your post with the music had me laughing right out loud. Those pesky squirrels. We think they are so charming and sweet. But they will take over your home if they can...they will!

karen said...

YIKES! I was getting all caught up in the cute of it all,and then you scared me with the evil squirrel. But I know how destructive they can be. We used to have horses, and along with them come mice...and rats. Pretty much the same family as squirrels.

Nikia, May and da kids said...

I'm totally scared of squirrels! I know that sounds freaky but I was once attacked by one in Florida while helping my friend in her back yard. Or maybe I took it as an attack because the critter jump on me out of no where.


Just ME the MOM said...

Hee - too funny! I'm not sure you can convince me though, I'm still pretty much in awe of those things. I can't help but hang out with some peanuts and try to get their pictures. Although I must admit, I've had a few pretty agressive ones that I thought might run right up the leg of my pants after those peanuts!


Katie said...

Love it,lol!

Darlene said...

Squirrels are so cute and I sorta like to watch them from the safety of my own chair as they run across the wires in the back of our house. I shouldn't like to have an experience with one up close and yes, they are so destructive. I can't believe how they managed to wreck you roof so that it leaked into your house. What do you do to keep them away now? I hope we never have to experience anything like that. Of course we do have a tile roof, but I'm sure they could find something else to chew on if they explored a little bit, especially if they got into the garage. Dick makes me nervous how he sometimes leaves the garage open just a little bit on the bottom in the summer when we have the swamp cooler on in the garage. That's how our rat got in and squirrels are not much bigger than this huge rat that made such a mess in our house. There must be something one can do to keep them away???

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