Tuesday, February 2, 2010

BAM! Jon Stewart Takes Out Keith Olbermann

As someone who finds Keith Olbermann distasteful in every way (including politics, polemics, and presentation), I saw something last week that pleased me. Jon Stewart used The Daily Show to take careful aim before letting the left-leaning commentator have it with both barrels for a series of rabid (as in foaming at the mouth and tetanus shots) ravings about the new Republican Senator from Massachusetts. Admittedly, my only knowledge about Scott Brown is that I found his victory speech unimpressive, disappointingly so, but Olbermann was at least unprofessional and arguably despicable in his criticism denunciation of the newly-elected Senator. It was over the top and then some.

Here's my take on Brown. The guy didn't wow me either, but underwhelmed as I may be, I still have a sense of relief that the democratic golden 60 seats will now be reduced to 59. To be honest, any manifestation of increased checks and balances in our government, however small, feels good to me these days.

I digress, so let's just note by way of background that the "worst person in the world" (sorry to hoist you on your own petard, Keith) was even more obnoxious in his remarks monologue diatribe rant than usual, and Stewart's parody of him is well worth your time. Let's also note that I thoroughly enjoy The Daily Show for its humor and intelligence, despite the fact that I often disagree with the viewpoints expressed. I say this to clarify that my active dislike of Olbermann's show has nothing to do with his being a liberal democrat and everything to do with his being a literal demagogue. As far as I'm concerned, he is the personification of everything that's wrong with the so-called news media today. This guy makes Sean Hannity look like the soul of tact and diplomacy. (A nearly impossible task.) Which explains why I like the following clip.

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(Sorry about the Cosmo centerfold pic. I can't edit it, but it's not representative of the video.)

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KC Mom said...

He said 'poopyhead'....:)

karen said...

On man - that's good stuff! I haven't laughed that hard in awhile now. I wonder what old Keith thought of it? He's such a hypocrite...

Jess said...

So so funny, and yet that *trace* of satyr just may have gotten the point across to olbermann-but probably not. And really I think that most of the 'political commentators' are just as corrupt as the politicians themselves, and still somehow they are on tv day after day

jen said...

The first half of that is soooo funny!
What an idiot.

Darlene said...

Pretty funny, I have to admit. Since I don't watch Jon Stewart on a regular basis (I think I have heard him on O'Reilly once or twice, but that's all), I have to say that this segment was probably Jon Stewart at his best. Dick's comment: "It's canniblistic, liberals eating liberals. I love it."

Guess I have to agree.

Sue said...

I like The Colbert Report even better. That guy really cracks me up.


Nikia, May and da kids said...

WOW! Isn't Keith Oberman the guy who admits to NOT voting ever?? HARSH!


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