Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Big Switch: So You Think You Can Dance

Things are really heating up at So You Think You Can Dance, and I've got proof. This show has become so compelling that when my tired and hungry husband cruised into the living room to say a quick hello before heading for the kitchen to grab a late dinner, it somehow managed to reach out and pull him in. Yes, folks, after nuking the meat loaf and string beans I had so lovingly left for him, this devotee of ESPN and the History Channel actually returned to the scene of the (anything-but-a) crime and watched the rest of the performances! Every one of them!! I'm only sorry you don't know him personally so you can fully comprehend the impact of this information.

I can see where he was coming from, though. Teaming up with someone new never fails to challenge the dancers to new heights, and that's just what happened last night. It's truly amazing how much difference a partner can make. And the choreography was out of this world.

My favorite couples routine of the evening was danced to If It Kills Me, written and sung by another of my favorites...Jason Mraz. Boy, that guy can do it all. His voice is as agile as his lyrics, and he is smart, smart, smart. (Yep, I like him!) I liked Jeanine and Jason, too, performing a contemporary dance choreographed by Travis Wall, one of the contestants from Season 2. I believe he came in second as a dancer, but it's clear that he comes in first as a choreographer. That smooth, seamless number was incredible...and a little bit steamy, too!

Second best was a tie (for me) between the hip-hop stylings of Napoleon and Tabitha (dubbed "Nappytabs" by Nigel), energetically danced by Ade and Janette...and the Broadway Age of Aquarius throwback from Tyce Diorio, danced to cosmic perfection by Melissa and Brandon. Maybe I liked the hip-hop slightly better. Weakest performance had to be Kupono and Randi in the paso doble. (Much as I like her, the wig just wasn't happening, and Kupono kinda dropped her at the end.) Scary.

Other highlights were the Bollywood and African dances by the gals and guys respectively. A.MAZ.ING.

My picks to go home? Probably Randi for the girls (though Kayla may be in danger without the judges to save her from a continually surprising lack of fan support)...and either Evan (I did enjoy his Gene Kelly-esque solo) or Kupono (of the weak arms) for the guys. But what do I know?



karen said...

Darn - I missed it last night! So much was going on that I never even turned on the TV. Tonight for sure, so at least I'll know who goes and who stays. Thanks for reminding me!

Our family chaos said...

I love this show too! I am always blown away by the talent. It seems to get better every season!

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