Monday, July 13, 2009

FOR THE BIRDS: The Unexpected Gift

My sister loves to feed the birds.
They come from miles around.
She offers them a place to nest
and birdseed by the pound.

She used to walk among them
dropping little crusts of bread,
till one returned the favor and
dropped something on her head!

The picture of my grandson (below) brought to mind this poem I wrote years ago for one of my own children. Doesn't he look like he's facing off with a bird who left him a little (unrequested) "package"? heehee

(Tell me this is not among the cutest pictures you've ever seen!)


Unknown said...

You're cute. I used to have a copy of a book called, "This book is for the bird" by Ziggy. Do you remember that old cartoom Ziggy? Anyway, it was full of funny birdisms and your post reminds me of it. Makes me smile.

Lisalulu said...

What you say in a case such as that... "They sing for most people."

Karen said...

Honestly cute! I like the poem - we used to have a couple of Parrotlettes and they left 'presents' too.

Fiauna said...

Cute kid. Great poem. Once a bird left a present on my son's head. I laughed, he cried.

Em said...

i love your title. it reminds me of winger's. hunger's for the birds? do you know it? i love that place. mmmm, so yummy.

queenmari said...

hi sue, thank you so much for your kind response to me. i tried to email you, but i couldn't open your email from your blog. my email is if you email me i would love to email you back.

thank you again, mari

karen said...

Very cute little boy. Do your grandchildren live close by? If so, it must be nice to see them often!