Monday, July 20, 2009

American Idol "Paula Abdul" Gaffe May Sink the Show

The word is out that American Idol is getting rid of Paula Abdul over contract issues. Most sources agree that Simon signed on again for 100 million dollars. They want Paula to sign for ten million. She wants fifteen.

Of course, there's no arguing that both checks are outrageous, but the show apparently makes gazillions or so. Maybe it's all relative. At any rate, I'm not even going to enter the discussion of whether celebrities should be paid like they are. It's pretty crazy.

But my point today is that Paula, odd and quirky and (sometimes) loopy as she is, should not be dumped like yesterday's bad garbage. Let's face it, the whole judging shtick on AI pretty much IS garbage...but it's garbage that its present form and not another one. How patently-off-their-rockers are those producers to mess (again) with any part of a chemistry that has made this show successful for so many years? Paula's random comments, off-the-wall observations, love/hate relationship with Simon, and even her occasionally slurred speech have become part and parcel of the judging circus that is the backbone of American Idol. Okay...maybe the tailbone. 

What is it they say? Don't mess with success?? Good advice, and they've already done it once by hiring Kara DioGuardi (resulting in the worst "victory" song ever composed for the show, otherwise known as "Boundaries" and recently taken off the playlist for the tour due to its unpopularity). In fact, it was Abdul who kept Kara's pontifications from throwing the show completely off balance last season. Minus her, DioGuardi runs the risk of becoming even more annoying than she already is...and for some reason, her particular brand of annoying annoys me more than Paula's more familiar annoyance mode...perhaps because Paula's has that element of serendipity. You never know what you're going to get, and the fact that you're never quite sure whether to like her, feel sorry for her, or wish you never had to lay eyes on her again somehow adds.

Enough, though. I am already embarrassing myself by even caring!

And yet, I do.


Becky said...

I had heard only a snippet about this on the news so I am glad you expounded. I do agree with you that Paula should stay... four judges is one too many though... I don't mind Kara so much. Since the show only has two more years left maybe a change will be good

em said...

and i don't even watch the show and can tell you it's a mistake for them not to keep her! for heaven's sakes, paula gets them into the news more than anyone else with all of her charades! and if i know american culture, i know that they always love the drama of someone famous doing something to talk about...which is basically anything;-)

SnarkyMama said...

Oh don't be are in great company. I care...I so care! I can hardly look at Kara, seriously, I generally have to leave the room or fast forward.
Paula is as goofy as they get, but you are so right...there is something comforting about her goofiness.

Not to mention, the outrageous contract Ryan Seacrest nabbed!?!? Losing Paula will be somewhat like your favorite lipstick being discontinued. They can try, but they will NEVER replace her...giant goofball and all that she is! :)

karen said...

They've gotta keep Paula - she's so fun and goofy!

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