Thursday, July 9, 2009

Smooth Operators: So You Think You Can Dance

The competition just gets tighter and tighter on SYTYCD. What a great bunch of dancers! Pretty soon, it's going to be physically painful for those judges to send anyone home.

Even this week, it's hard to naysay any of the performances, though I did feel sorry for Jeanine and Phillip in pulling that Russian folk dance, which would have been a lot better if it were a little less folksy and a lot more cossack-like. Through no fault of their own, I guess that little "gem" could be their death knoll, though their jive was lively and enjoyable.

Possibly in jeopardy are Randi and Evan, whose hip hop and samba numbers were both really good but not stellar. (I think Randi's adorable, but I'm about ready for Evan to take a hike.) Melissa and Ade did an amazing spinning disco, but their waltz (while lovely) was a bit lackluster compared to other dances. (However, they are both so talented that I think they'll be safe.) Kayla and Kupono killed it with their Mia Michaels contemporary "addiction" routine (WOW), but their Broadway offering, while entertaining, didn't quite sparkle. (I LOVE Kayla, but the voters don't come through for her, which is why I worry about her every week now, especially given that the judges love her "couple" performances but are not generally complimentary of her "dancing for your life" efforts.) Caitlin and Jason turned in two pretty strong routines with their highly stylized fox trot and rather lovely lyrical dance, but Brandon and Janette took the evening for me with an Argentine tango to die for and a Wade Robson dance that completely knocked my socks off. Those two are dynamite!

It was a good night, and everyone was definitely representin', but here are my predictions for the bottom three:

Evan and Jeanine (that Russian dance was a VERY unlucky draw...almost doesn't seem fair for any couple to have been saddled with it), Randi and Evan, and Caitlin and Jason...probably in that order.

My predictions for going home:

Evan or Phillip for the guys. Jeanine or Randi for the girls.

CAN'T WAIT to see them all dance with new partners next week. Historically, that's when the real fireworks begin!


Kristin said...

Last night was SO good... maybe the best episode of the season.

Ryan said...

It was simply amazing...I don't think I have ever watched a more stimulating hour (or was it two) on tv in my life.

Fiauna said...

I just don't know who they'll send home. All of the women are amazing dancers.

Heather Anderson said...

It was intoxicatingly, inconceivably incredible. Golly, these grippingly gorgeous guys and girls gaily grooving generates great gobs of gratification. However, I do wish the hot tamale train would run over Philip, after taking care of its engineer (she of the hinged jaw and enormous teeth).

Respectfully Submitted,

Matthew Anderson

karen said...

I don't know their names, but I loved the samba (?) number (she looks Cuban/Latin and they did a kind of sailor returns home dance - so HOT!) and I loved the ending contemporary dance - they were jewel thieves. Really impressive! You've gotten me hooked, but too late to know what anyone's name is!

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