Monday, May 11, 2009

Jordan Jams: Another Birthday Brag

Another birthday shout-out: this time to Jordan, nephew extraordinaire and brother of Kristin and Tyler. Like them, his talents are many and varied, and he was recently accepted into the film program at BYU as a freshman, which is an impressive (but in his case, not surprising) feat. 

Even better, he's kind of a mensch, and his menschdom (menschness?) first showed up when he was a baby. Having him in your space just made you feel good. In fact, when I went through a pretty wild surgical menopause right after he was born, being around him soothed my spirit like the best kind of non-addictive tranquilizer. Well, maybe a little addictive...

Today, while his company is still some of the best you'll ever find, the tranquilizing effect has kind of worn off. (Jordan is an avid liberal democrat, and we have some pretty energizing political discussions.) Which is almost as fun as the tranquilizing was. And the menschability remains, of course.

Things worth liking about Jordan are:

1. the way he treats his mom (my little sis)
2. mad writing skills 
3. unique, often random sense of humor that never disappoints
4. penchant for debate (especially political, but anything will suffice)
5. good energy, good aura, good looks (high likability quotient)
6. music-writing and film-directing chops (aka "Blakeness")
7. thoughtfulness toward others (annoying Aunt Sue included)
8. facebook statement: "I never really got into hopscotch. I've always regretted that..."
9. Basic French (a short film he created)
10. basic comfort level with painting his face blue (ya gotta love that)

And, of course, the fact that he's my favorite blue-hued nephew.

Happy birthday, Jordan!


Kristin said...

Hey is a great little bro!

KC Mom said...

Sounds like he's pretty awesome!

jen said...

He may, if he's lucky, find the one or two other liberal democrats at the Y. In the film department, he may have an easier time with that!

karen said...

He'll have plenty of people to debate with at BYU, but not so many to be on his side. But he sounds like he's totally loveable no matter what his politics! He's a nephew I'd appreciate - and I'm sure you're an aunt he adores.

Natalie said...

Ahhhh, another fantastic Birthday Tribute. I love 'em!

Heather Anderson said...

You summed Jordan up pretty well and made me miss him, hope we get to see him a little this summer:)

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