Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Host of Family Victories

Avid Laker fan (aka Big Daddy) invades son's apartment to watch Lakers win Western Conference championship.

Mission is handily accomplished, much to the delight of rabid Laker fans everywhere.

Two eldest sons now feel a need to "win" at something, too.

Sadly, ping pong is the only game in town this night.

Tomorrow, Heather the Great will taste personal victory as she conquers her 1/2 marathon!




(Publication of this photo = eldest sons' reward for striking mocking poses when their blog-obsessed mother was taking important, historical photos...)
Supporting evidence: 
intentionally foolish facial expression
erroneous placement of body in relation to the table



Momza said...

LOVE IT!!! Kudos to a family that enjoys a great laugh!

jen said...

Can we still be friends if I really wanted the Nuggets to kick the Lakers trash? Not that I really love the Lakers, but I am a Suns fan . . . and I think that says it all!
I got two packages in the mail today! Thank you! I'm looking forward to a little quiet time in, oh, a month or so, and I'll curl up with that book. But in the meantime, I'll find some great uses for those fun notecards! Thanks!

NBlake said...
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NBlake said...

Here is some news for Granny Sue's viewers. Tomorrow is her birthday, and as her sister, I have enjoyed writing about the muse that she is in my life. Some of you readers may be familiar with the birthday blogs that she posts for members of her family. I decided to post one about her. Check it out on my blog at No peeking, Sue, not until tomorrow. Love you!

KC Mom said...

Love rabid fans!! Although, I can't say I'm rabid about anything right now!
Looks like a fun time. Hope Heather did well!

Heather Anderson said...

That was FUN glad we got to do it:) Thanks for helping me carb load!

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