Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Danny Gokey? NO-ka-dokey

I know that a lot of people out there (including many of my valued readers) are enamored of Danny Gokey, and while he seems like a great guy and possesses a truly heartwarming story, I cannot believe that he should take American Idol honors. I will agree that, technically, his voice is fine (though the extremely scary note at the end of  "Dream On" is still haunting me) but the guy has little or no charisma. His performances are never hit out of the ball park, and even when they do reach outer field, they feel like bloopers...high flies that seem to get lost in the glare of Adam and Kris's far brighter stage presence. Nonetheless, the judges have continually given him a pat on the back every week, sometimes criticizing other performers whose offerings clearly outshone his own. (Allison, for instance.) I mean...I feel for the guy too, but let's get real here!

I think Adam may be in danger this week because he added what is becoming known as "the scream" to U2's anthem, "One," then followed up with a Freddy Mercury-like rendition of Steven Tyler's "Crying" that may not appeal to the wider audience. I still thought he did great, but I wish he'd gone for mass appeal over personal performing pleasure. (Hey, it's a contest, right? Sometimes ya gotta give a little.) For me, a better strategy on his part would have been to pull in those fence straddlers by showing his softer, gentler side again (less muscle, more heart) circa "Tracks of My Tears" and "Mad World," but maybe he feels like he has to do it "his way." If so, more power to him. I still hope he gets through...and I hope he wins, too!

Having said that, my second choice would be Kris, because I can really see him succeeding as an alternative singer a la Matt Costa, Josh Ritter, Joshua Radin, etc. 

I can't see Danny making it big at all, to be honest. Seems to me like he would go the way of Taylor Hicks...not so much for musical reasons as for image-related ones. He just doesn't command my attention the way Adam does...or Kris either, for that matter, which is pretty telling considering the fact that Danny's technical skills are noticeably stronger than those Kris demonstrates. And yet it's Kris that makes me want to come back for more. You just can't underestimate the marketability value of that "je ne sais quoi" quotient that spells stardom. Let's face it. Stars need to have some serious star power on board. It's requisite.

Anyway, just my opinion, as usual. I will be very disappointed (but only marginally surprised) if Adam is out tonight. And I am hoping like crazy that he will not only be saved this week but that he will be celebrating next week as the new American Idol.

Go, Adam!


jen said...

You expressed what I've been feeling about AI. I am a little annoyed by "The Scream," and I don't think it needs to be in every song. DG has lost a little of his allure as KA has improved. Kris got a crappy song from the judges, Simon was right on that point. But I think it should be Adam and Kris. I'd really like the judges to stop falling all over themselves about Adam, though.

And thanks for your comment. Surprise. It made me cry. French fries make me cry lately. . . .

Momza said...

Ditto. You said it. Adam has raw--albeit sometimes, annoying--talent. He will be around for a long time. I don't see myself buying his albums. er, CDs...hey, I'm old.
Nor do I see myself buying anything from Danny...he just doesn't do it for me.
But Kris...he's a little John Mayer-ish, and that has my attention.

Adam will win...if I was a bettin' woman, my money would be on him. Scream and all.

Natalie said...

Again, you are the recap wonder! You hit all the nails right on the head! Woman, why are you not making the big bucks on this talent of yours???

And, people will hate me for this, but....heartbreaking stories just don't make fabulous singers! If that were the case, we'd all be big rock stars, right?

karen said...

I never watch this show, yet I've gotten invested in the people through your commentary. Now I can't wait to see who wins!

K2cole said...

I am with you - I think Adam has the most "IT" factor. He has the stage presence and is cuter than all get out.

I like Kris - I would let my daughter date Kris (I am not sure Adam would be interested)

Danny needs to just go - I thought Alison was better (younger and more inexperienced but better). I haven't watched yet - I wait until all go to mutual and then watch last night while tonight records and then fast forward thru the gunk.

Crossing my fingers for Adam and Kris.

KC Mom said...

I think you must have been feeling what most of America was feeling!

Beck said...

I actually think that out of the three of them, Kris actually most represents what is happening in music these days. I'm not saying that I think he's the most talented - no, that would be Adam - but I think he has the potential to actually sell records.

My husband called Danny "the lumbering ghoul". We both felt like he rather callously used the shockingly recent loss of his wife to move forward on the show. I'm glad he's gone.

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