Friday, January 9, 2009

Hark! The Day of Reckoning Cometh

Tomorrow is the day of reckoning.

Tomorrow I have to face the music.

Tomorrow I have to lie in the bed I made for myself, take my medicine, get what's coming to me, and reap what I have sown.

Tomorrow I must go to Weight Watchers and...

(insert ominous organ chord here, please)

weigh in.

Woe is me. Double woe. Triple woe, even.

(Or maybe quadruple for each pound I've gained.)


Ah well, it's a new day, right? (A new week and a new year, too.)

And with any luck at all...and a lot of hard work...I will feel like a new me for 2010. 

And look like the old me.

With a few more wrinkles, of course.


emily said...

go sue go! you can do it;-)

Lisa Loo said...

Good luck and godd wishes!

Anonymous said...

good luck...
keep up the good work & you will see results :)

Natalie said...

Way to go Sue! I admire you! And, if you find some special trick that makes a person WANT to exercise, PLEASE pass it along. :)

Love the "ominous organ chord", you make me smile, and laugh, and just plain happy. Lastly, you know me...I think wrinkles ROCK!

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