Friday, January 23, 2009

We Have a Winner! But it wasn't easy...

First of all, I want to thank my very dear blog friends, who spent valuable time and effort to search out the perfect song for me. You did your job too well, because I've been listening to them all over and over again trying to make up my mind which one I like best. In the process, I have come to love every single one of them and have added them to my collection.

As I said, it was a close call, but I've finally figured out that Shine, by Rosie Golan, is my most favorite. I had never even heard of this artist before, which is surprising because I thought I was aware of most of the folk singers on iTunes. Somehow I missed Rosie, though, and I'm glad to have found her at last...all thanks to Natalie, the lucky winner (heehee) of my 100th post anniversary giveaway. (Maybe even better than Shine, by the way, is Hazy. That one really does it for me in a big way...)

This is the part where I thank those of you who read my blog and say that your inexplicable (but oh-so-warmly welcomed) interest in my daily thoughts and doings means more to me than I can express. Whether you submitted songs or not, your comments are always music to my ears (or in this case, eyes). And visiting your blogs is one of my most enjoyable pastimes!

As for you, Natalie, I am ready whenever you are. Just send me the occasion and information and a suitable poem will be yours! (By the way, the offer has no time limit, so if  you want to save it for something in the future, feel free.) I will be happy to write it any old time you need it...

Thanks again, to all of  you. You have made my 100th post anniversary most memorable.  



Natalie said...

I WON?!?!? If you hear squealing all the way from the East Coast to the West, you will know it's me! Sue, I am so serious, I have NEVER won anything in my life!!! I am beyond excited!!!
And the icing on this cake is that now I have proof that One Tree Hill is in fact, NOT a waste of my time!! A huge reason I love that show is the music. Oh my, ok, I have to go call my mom. She won't believe I actually won.
Thank you Sue, and thank you Ms.Golan! :)

Nikki Nichols said...

Okay I have to admit that I am sad :) but I did loved that song too, notice the blog I posted about that song too! It was so fun that you did that! Can't wait to see what comes of the 200th post ;)

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